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How To Sand Curved Edges

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How to sand round objects. Then use the sandpaper strip like a polishing cloth on a pair of shoes.

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You can address corners and recesses that a machine would not be able to reach.

How to sand curved edges. Gang two or more brackets together in a woodworking vise or clamps. This can result in rounded over edges on some molding profiles. Yes i use powered sanders on nearly every woodworking or finishing project i complete but i always do some sanding by hand.

First sand with coarser grit 150 180 then with finer grit up to 240 sanding paper. If the paper tears simply take some duct tape and apply it to the back of your sandpaper. How to sand curved shapes.

Instead i use the block like a fence holding it flush to one side of the curved corner and pulling the sandpaper taut over the rounded edge. I sand parts to size using an elevated ring around the sanding spindle same as the shaper. Watch this video to find out more.

How to sand a curve gather a soft dish sponge in your hand. Using a utility knife cut the sandpaper into strips. To prevent this slice the sandpaper with a utility knife in the creases and press it tight to the block with a putty knife.

To make and sand shelf brackets. Hand sanding gives you the most control over shaping the wood surface. Chuck a drum sander into a cordless drill.

Sand the edges of the curve in the same manner increasing the grit as needed. If the curve you need to sand is small. From this starting point i can sand with the grain for smoothing or against the grain with a wetdry paper to raise the grain before smoothing it off.

Place the sandpaper around the sponge or other implement and hold it tightly in your hand. Cut the brackets out using a jigsaw saber saw or bandsaw. Replace used sanding paper as soon as it is worn out.

An osculating spindle sander will also sand curved surfaces square or beveled with the tilting table without rounding over edges. The duct tape actually reinforces the sandpaper. Sand the curve down with.

The other solution is to cut the custom shaped block into sections to eliminate the parts that could round over a sharp profile. The part moves directly from the shaper to the sander on the same form. Use the drum sander to smooth both the concave and convex surfaces of the brackets.

Move the paper back and forth so that it contours to the shape of round objects.

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