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How To Sharpen A Vegetable Peeler

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The spyderco sharpener does a good job of sharpening peelers. Remove the hard end piece on the one end of the fruit with the knife.

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Or you can use a dremel ceramic round tip either in a dremel rotary tool device or a power drill.

How to sharpen a vegetable peeler. So no more buying peelers simply because of a dull blade. So to make the peeler sharp again you simply need to start using the other side of the blade. Douglas ford sous chef of las lucques sharpens his vegetable peeler every day to keep it in tiptop shape.

By running the tip of a paring knife along each blade of your peeler the metal on metal action will restore some of your blades edge. Then slice them any way you want with the paring knife. I also use the dremel technique to resharpen my sewing seam rippers.

Douglas demonstrates a great technique for sharpening in this chow tip. Run a paring knife along both blades of the potato peeler. Run the ceramic tip along both cutting edges of the peeler remove burrs of the back side of the blades if you wish.

Remove the fuzzy peel with a vegetable peeler or paring knife. Sharpening the blades may come in handy when you need to use the potato peeler a lot such as thanksgiving or large family gatherings throughout the year. The metal on metal action will restore some of your blades edge.

Run the sharpening steel across the blades of the potato peeler. Httpsamznto2gh6xu3 go here to get an incredible discount on an all american sun. You can buy the spyderco tri angle sharpmaker or just buy a replacement ceramic rod and use it to sharpen your peelers.

If youre shopping on amazon it helps me if you use my link here. See how quick and easy it is to restore your vegetable peeler to like new condition with dmt. Chow tips are the shared wisdom of our community.

You simply need to turn the blade around. No special sharpening tools are required. Kitool upgraded magic trio peeler set of 3 vegetable peeler stainless steel blades with non slip handles peeler for potato fruit premium material made of high quality abs handle and stainless blade whatever the task the peeler should handle bumps and curves with ease and without clogging or losing its edge.

If youve figured out some piece of food drink or cooking wisdom that youd like to. Quick peeler sharpening step 1. How do you sharpen a vegetable peeler.

Most of us sharpen ours never. You can sharpen a vegetable peeler. Ive been sharpening my peelers this way since buying this system ages ago.

Bend the end of the blade holding arch outwards so the blade falls out.

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