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How To Sharpen Planer Blades With Sandpaper

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Scrub the blade clean and remove any traces of the paper shims if any. Every time you grit the number of marks increase.

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After you get rid of the nicks on the blade move whetstone on the blades to sharpen them.

How to sharpen planer blades with sandpaper. Start by peeling a portion of the backer off of one end and position it on the glass. Place a strip of the 220 grit sandpaper on a flat surface. The flatter and smoother they are the sharper your planer blade will be.

Depending on the condition of the planer blade buy sandpaper with the grits that will sharpen correctly. You will need a flat smooth surface to mount the sandpaper. You will use sandpaper but not the kind we usually have in.

Hence the buffing compound comes into play. It happens that the sandpaper produces the sharpest blades of all other methods. The best sandpaper etc for tool sharpening woodworking planes chisels etc.

An easy method for sharpening your hand plane. How to sharpen your woodworking tools with sandpaper few subjects in woodworking are as contentious as. If i still used knives on my planer i would definitely send them to daren rather than sharpening them the scary sharp way like youre describing.

Then pull the backer off as you press the paper in place. The aim of sharpening your planer blades it to get these two parts as smooth and flat as possible so they can intersect. All the reviews i read on it before buying made me think it was the cats meow but i got to tell you ive gone back to ss.

Sand paper and buffing compound. This is available in the hardware shops. Use the coarse side of the whetstone in order to remove any nick on the blade of the planer.

Again the person sharpens the planer blade for a perfect job. Lets take a look at how to sharpen wood planer blades. I have a work sharp 3000 collecting dust.

Push the whetstone along the blade. Loosen the screw and disassemble the hand plane. While the sandpaper is great at removing that metal it can make marks on the blade.

Apply the sandpaper on the glass leaving enough room between sheets for the skids on the sled to move freely photo 6. This process of sharpening your planer blades involves the removal of metal from your blades. Dont pull the whetstone in order to prevent burr on the edge of the blades.

You will need a honing. The paper shims are used to close the gap between the blade and the plane body.

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How To Sharpen Planer Blades
How To Sharpen Planer Blades
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