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How To Stain Maple Dark

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Dark brown dye stain spray. The bar top will be a like a cognac or mahogany color on maple plywood and the sides will be maple ply and 1x3s with an ebony staindye.

Un Ruining Dark Stained Maple By Bdresch Lumberjocks Com

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Dark Roast On Hard Maple

Strip a thick layer of urethane with a chemical stripper.

How to stain maple dark. We provide the high quality unfinished maple cabinet doors for your kitchens and bathrooms. The photo below shows the dramatic difference between the raw and sealed areas of pine using the same stain color. I know maple isnt the easiest wood to stain dark but its already bought and cut and this color combination is n.

Spray the sanded piece with an alcoholwater 5050 mix and after it dries go gently over it with 320 just to cut back the raised grain. Now if that stain still isnt dark enough then you might want to move to a darker gel stain. Dark stains on pine can look horrible.

How to remove a dark stain from maple clean the wood with mineral spirits or turpentine to remove the top layer of wax. Another method is to water pop the maple before staining. Wipe the wood.

This will allow deeper penetration of your stain and blur the mottling effect caused by the wonky grain of the maple. Stain spray if necessary. For the expresso look on maple we use a non polymeric wb dye to get the color started and open the grain followed by a pigment stain.

Rockler has a great selection of gel stains that i use frequently. In addition to blotchiness the softer areas between the grain lines soak up stain like a sponge creating an unnatural look. However there are many great wood finish colors to consider that exceed bland shades of brown.

I am going to assume you dont have an easy way to convince the customer to go with cherry mahogany or another wood that takes a dark color without blotching. Staining maple a dark color is definitely no easy task. The dos and donts of staining maple cabinet doors will help you finish your cabinet order from the door stop.

Bleach dark stains that sanding does not remove by wiping them with oxalic acid or chlorine bleach. The gel stain will sit on the surface more and will allow you to more effectively change the color without depending on stain absorption. This post will help you choose your your stain or your dye as the case will probably be.

I am in the process of staining maple for a bar. When the time comes to refinish your deck or patio you may consider reaching for the old standby brown hue that is commonly used on wood surfaces outdoors. Trending stain colors in 2017 to use on your outdoor space.

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How To Stain Maple Dark Brown
How To Stain Maple Dark Brown
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How To Stain Maple
How To Stain Maple
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