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How To Use A Gouge On A Lathe

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I go through the basic use of the bowl gouge. Practice holding the tool on the tool rest using your left again for right handed persons hand on the metal blade behind the tool rest.

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The bowl gauge can be used in a similar fashion as the spindle gouge often to cut the outside bowl profile and a tenon.

How to use a gouge on a lathe. This video shows me roughing a standard 2 x 4 in order to make a mason jar lid. There isnt anything stopping you from using a fairly aggressively ground bowl gouge as a spindle gouge but in my opinion the bowl gouge comes into its own when turning dishes. Turning a bowls with a bowl gougesimmons talks you through the simple steps for turning a bowl using a bowl gouge.

David uses the roughing gouge for three different cutsthe roughing cut a scraping cut and a shearing cutand all three are just a matter of changing the projection of the tool to the work. A roughing gouge is a good choice for beginning to turn an irregular or square work piece down to a round shape. Approaching the wood bowl blank rotating on the lathe with the bowl gouge not support on the tool rest will result in a literal smackdown.

He shows a proper grind sharpening and turns an egg to show tool control and technique. Experiment with the roughing gouge to see what angles and presentations work best for you. Sam reviews the spindle gouge.

Many of his ladderback and windsor chair spindles can be shaped from beginning to end with the roughing gouge. Choose the chisel you will use for the turning operation. The 7 tools we suggest cover both categories and will set you up for success at the lathe.

Faceplate work is largely dominated by the popular wooden bowl. The bowl gouge tip only needs to touch wood briefly to grab and all control is gone. If youre working left to right then the flute is pointing to 1 oclock ish or if youre working right to left the flute should be pointing to around 11 oclock ish.

The roughing gouge is a very versatile gouge but it must be used properly and safely in order to get good results. Remember abc and that will cut down on your catches. Most woodturning projects on the lathe are started by using a roughing gouge to create the basic shape whether a spindle bowl bottle stopper or nearly any other woodturning project.

Stand at your lathe with the shaft of the bowl gouge resting on the tool rest the flute should be pointing over the outside edge of your shoulder. Using a spindle roughing gouge for faceplate work can lead to dangerous. Video showing the use of a roughing gouge.

My recommended channel links are. Turning a bradford pear bowl in hd on a robust american beauty woodturning lathe duration. This part focuses on using the roughing gouge.

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How To Use A Gouge
How To Use A Gouge
The gouge can make shallow or deep
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