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How To Use A Lathe Faceplate

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Lathes faceplate methods for using harold hall. A chuck is more likely to let the piece go if it is really rough or lopsided.

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How To Use A Lathe Faceplate

Making A Lathe Faceplate Youtube

The workpiece is then clamped to the faceplate typically using t nuts in slots in the faceplate or less commonly threaded holes in the faceplate itself.

How to use a lathe faceplate. Simple use of a lathe faceplate demonstration. The two most common are a thread and a precision cone arrangement and threaded studs and a circular recess fitting. A tenon for the chuck to clamp down on or a recess to put the chuck in and expand it to hold.

The faceplate is the mack daddy of bowl blank secure attachments to the lathe. The faceplate may be attached to the lathe in several ways. For a secure bond the faceplateblockblank assembly must be firmly clamped.

Now the faceplate holds very well with the screws so if you are doing heavy work by rounding out the bowl a face plate is very nice. Using a faceplate is a simple matter easily understood. A second method of reverse chucking is to use the tailstock to pin the bowl against a wood nubbin attached to a faceplate.

It takes patience but just keep stopping the lathe and testing the fit until youve achieved a locking taper. In some cases this will just be because whilst it could be held in a chuck. The second method is to attach a block of wood to the faceplate and turn it to a rounded form.

Unlimited dvr storage space. On the lathe holding the workpiece can be divided into four areas using a chuck a mandrel between centres or the faceplate with the faceplate brought into service when other methods cannot satisfactorily hold the part. You can do this with regular clamps which i do if im making up additional blanks while my lathe is otherwise occupied but if youre only working on one project youll find it efficient to use your lathe.

Live tv from 70 channels. Spindles are held on the lathe between centers and faceplate work is held on a faceplate. While the faceplate is a great go to connect there are some things you never want to do with a faceplate.

When it comes to working with large or abnormal wood bowl blanks the faceplate is the way to go for a secure dependable connection. No cable box required. Woodturning is generally divided into two categories spindle turning and faceplate turning.

Faceplate And Angle Clamps

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How To Use A Lathe
How To Use A Lathe
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