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Is It Legal To Sell Deer Antlers In Kentucky

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With the reach of the internet though finding people who want to buy your antlers is no longer a difficult task. Just had this conversation with a kentucky warden.

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Can You Sell Deer Antlers

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In the scenario you describe the antlers appear to be complete antlers and would not be legal to sell.

Is it legal to sell deer antlers in kentucky. Antlers still on the skull may not be legally sold in others states. Is it legal to sell deer antlers in tn. Its safe secure and best of all you can set the minimum price youre willing to sell your antlers for.

Without a doubt ebay is the single most effective place for selling deer antlers. Some make the distinction that only antlers that have been processed in some way such as mounted by a taxidermist to an animal head or attached to a panel as in a european skull mount. The bigger racks ive hung up but have lots of dinky racks fork horns that i need to do something with.

Shed antlers have a rounded base. For example if meat or antlers were shipped in from a deer farm it would be illegal to purchase them. Ive seen them on ebay b.

If the antlers were sheds and either made into products like belt buckles for example or cut up into blocks or units for the purpose of manufacturing products they could be sold. A legally taken animal including the head cape or the entire skin. Effective january 3 2014 and pursuant to 301 kar 4095 any person or entity may sell a mounted wildlife specimen in kentucky except as prohibited by federal law.

Hunting deer over bait on public property is not allowed. According to utah law a person may possess antlers or horns from legally taken animals as well as shed antlers and horns. Current kentucky regulations allow hunters to hunt deer using bait while on private property.

Sale of mounted wildlife registration. A it is unlawful to buy or sell offer for sale barter or have in possession for sale the following. Some states allow only antlers that have been shed or dropped from the skull to be sold.

Current kentucky regulations define bait as a substance composed of grains minerals salt fruits vegetables hay or any other food materials. Any live deer family cervidae the venison of any deer except as provided in section 50 11 1920 any whitetail deer gametes or antler velvet or any whitetail deer antlers attached to the pedicel. Sale of deer or deer parts.

A mounted wildlife specimen means. It is illegal in kentucky to sell any part of any game animal regardless of the legality of how it was taken. A shed antler or horn is one that has dropped from a big game animal a moose elk deer or pronghorn antelope as part of its life cycle.

Im going through stuff in my garage and have like 40 years worth of deer antlers both from deer ive killed and some sheds too.

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Is It Legal To Sell Deer Antlers
Is It Legal To Sell Deer Antlers
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