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Japanese Chisels Vs Western

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I wouldnt trust a 15 japanese chisel but i do get along fine with my 15 dollar western chisels and even have a few old eric anton bergs that i like they are regular o1 oil cooled steel that is a higher than north american hardness and i didnt pay more than 2 each dollars for them because i can find old used western chisels dirt. Dustytom posted in power tools and machinery on october 9 2002 0800am i am in the market for a new set of bench chisels.

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Then you can try the kakuri rigoro japanese chisels.

Japanese chisels vs western. G i find that the japanese cutting tools chisels planes knives just seem to have and keep great edges purely subjective on my part perhaps due to the fact i live in japan. The kakuri brand is made of quality japanese steels. I think that you want a recommendation for japanese chisels because of the steel.

My personal view is that you buy western chisels and then consider japanese chisels to compliment later and reshape a new. The company has been founded in 2009 by a man who also loves woodworking and has a degree in furniture design. As for sharpening i use stones.

Are you looking for a set of chisels. Well you are correct. Tool talk 2 how to find a good japanese chisel the samurai carpenter.

Been looking for chisels and recently stumbled across japanese chisels and was curious as to what you thought on those vs western chisels. By paul sellers 5 november 2013. Apart from the fact that japanese chisels are designed to be hit with a steel hammer and western ones with a wooden mallet i think the differences are pretty subjective they are for meat least.

All the rest of. Derek cohen in perth australia hi don ask 10 woodworkers for a recommendation and you will get 10 different answers. Looking in the woodcraft catalog and reading some other discussions here i have seen several references to japanese chisels holding the edge longer due to the carbon content in the steel at.

As woodworker kari hultman writer of the village carpenter blog attests i would like to publicly profess my love of japanese chisels. Japanese woodworking chisels are great but knowing what to look for when buying one can be confusing. In order of thickness the basic japanese bench chisels have the thickest edges followed by the western style chisels followed in turn by the japanese dovetail chisel which has the thinnest edge of all.

Kakuri rigoro japanese chisel nomi oire. Japanese chisels are all i use and i would never go back even if given an anniversary package of sorby chisels. This is an unfounded worry especially in the case of japanese chisels.

In the tests i ran admittedly limited in scope the japanese chisel bench. Japanese tools have a reputation of being suitable only for softwoods. Questions on chisels japanese western.

Japanese chisels are generally lighter and seem somehow more delicate than western chisels but the delicacy is something of an illusion. Kakuri is a brand by japanese tools australia. Z saw dozuki vs.

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Japanese Chisels
Japanese Chisels
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