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Japanese Hand Plane Setup

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A japanese hand plane is also known as a kanna. This video gives great step by step instructions on how to go about it.

How To Build 3 Basic Hand Planes

Kanna Setup Japanese Hand Plane Setup Youtube Treen Ii

Cap Iron Study By Kees Van Der Heiden

Best brands of japanese hand planes.

Japanese hand plane setup. Not for this we must understand that they are of poor quality. Like chisels japanese hand planes are a tool difficult to find. This month michael huntley explains and uses japanese planes.

How to set up a japanese hand plane. By nomizu mokko the body of these planes are longer in proportion to the respective blade width compared with other planes. In fact in many shops they offer japanese brushes for 16 40.

The major difference from western planes is the japanese plane is pulled not pushed. It is true that there are versions manufactured in an industrial way that are sold at low prices. As the iron of a bench plane doesnt reach all the way to the side of the plane body no shaving will be taken along the low side so only the high side is being planed lowered.

Japanese bench plane with longer body. Jay provides quite a bit of background on the japanese hand plane kanna and related tools such as the early use of ax chona adze and yariganna spear plane and the chinese handled push plane which was the precursor to the japanese pull plane. The iron is made of a laminate with the cutting edge of blue paper steel.

The dai is formed from three pieces of timber and has a hardwood mouth insert the japanese love timber surfaces and the preparation of them is an important part of their woodworking culture. A kenna is a japanese hand plane and it needs to be set up a little differntly. This steel is perfectly suited for plane blades.

This particular shape produces a 6mm bead and i use it for making the half round on glazing beads. The plane is made of either japanese red or white oak while the blade is a lamination of hard iron to softer iron. If you have a slightly cambered iron set to take its thickest shaving in the centre you are simply centreing the plane body and the deepest part of the cut where you need to remove the most material.

September 6 2016 tools. For more than 30 years japan woodworker has imported professional quality woodworking tools fine cutlery and gardening tools from japan.

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Japanese Hand Plane
Japanese Hand Plane
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