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Japanese Toolbox Dimensions

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Use glue and countersink the screws using a countersink bit. Since i like the width of my old toolbox i used the same 112 bottom.

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So its not all that critical for the construction.

Japanese toolbox dimensions. Place the lid batten 3 12 in from the edge of the lid measuring to the battens largest width end. The average distance from the tip of a finger to the first knuckle is 1. Measured drawings posted on march 24 2013 by lost art press though i use mostly western tools in my work i have a deep respect for the craftsmanship and design of japanese tools.

With the length established it was time to stack some tools. One is the handle thickness. The lid fits in between the sides so it is the width minus the two sides thickness.

Page 10 11 talks about the design of a typical japanese toolbox. The lid batten width now measures 2 38 at the smaller end of the taper plus the 50 along the 13 12 length making the larger end approximately 2 1516 wide. I found 23 to be a comfortable fit.

The first step was deciding how big i needed the box to be. The bottom is the full width and length of the box the box stands on it. The end pieces have a strip of wood on the top that will become the grips when you want to transport the tool box.

As i mentioned in my last post my second box project was to build the toolbox design presented in toshio odates book japanese woodworking tools. The carpentry ways japanese toolbox build posted by bpholcombe on february 16 2016 september 2 2017 hello and welcome to my blog this post begins a series on building a japanese toolbox. The sides full length.

Their tradition spirit and use by toshio odate linden publishing 1998. The completed toolbox serves my my purposes well holding quite a few tools with room to spare for a copy of make magazine. Page 10 11 talks about the design of a typical japanese toolbox.

Japanese toolbox making the basic box. Generally you want the box to accept your longest tool which in this case is my saw. Making a traditional japanese toolbox.

The rest is clear to see on the drawing. You build it to suit your needs. Their tradition spirit and use.

However it is critical for comfort. The beauty of the japanese toolbox is that it can be any size you want. Odate shows in his book that the handle is 1 14thk in a subsequent article he calls it out to be 34thk.

I started my japanese toolbox by coming up with some raw dimensions based upon my longest tool i owned at the time. I would like it to be a little bit wider so my drill would fit better but thats not a big deal. I used 1 inch screws for this step.

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Japanese Toolbox Plans Dimensions Details Notes Etsy

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Japanese Toolbox
Japanese Toolbox
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