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Kill Maggots In Compost

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Some people deliberately attract black soldier fly maggots which are particularly good at breaking down compost. In a correctly operated hotbin.

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Kill maggots in compost. Follow rob on facebook. In this video rob shows you have to remove maggots from your compost. The most common place to find maggots is in a plastic garbage bin where trash accumulates before removal.

The shape of the bins prevented turning of the compost which then took ages to decompose and left layers of deoxygenated slime that stank to high heaven when you shoveled it out. Because flies are attracted to food and trash its no surprise that their eggs are found there too. Dump the larvae in a location that is away from buildings so birds can easily find them.

You will find flies in your compost because its filled with food wastes which is their natural food. Maggots or compost dwelling soldier fly larvae breed in compost bins because they thrive on the nitrogen rich products of the decaying process that produces good compost fertilizer. Cover the nitrogen materials in your compost with at least 2 to 4 inches of carbon materials.

Another potential cause is not mixing or turning your compost pile leading to moist pockets of food waste that maggots will flock to. After they feed on it they then lay eggs in the same spot which later hatch into maggots. Subscribe for free diy fun tips for maintenance at your place.

Maggots are harmless and may even help the composting process by breaking down organic material. In a cold normal compost bin the eggs in the food hatch into maggots you can see house fly maggots but not fruit fly ones and eventually a fly or in extreme cases a swarm of fruit flies exit when the compost bin lid is taken off. If you have too many greens in your compost and not enough browns you shouldnt be surprised to see a bunch of these guys in your compost.

A hot hotbin will prevent andor kill maggots and flies. Bury food scraps and other nitrogen rich materials thoroughly in the bin. The eggs hatch into maggots with a life cycle can take anywhere from seven days to a month.

Start your compost over again with fresh organic material and bedding. I have a lot of compost. Feed maggots in the compost bin to the birds to help control them.

If youre including manure in your compost i think its particularly important to discourage maggotsflies to prevent them from spreading germs. Consider keeping your compost bin in another area or using a lid to prevent the appearance of maggots again. Causes of maggots in compost.

How to eliminate maggots in compost bins. Lay your worms on a wire screen to dry off. One afternoon during a midsummer heat wave i went to toss a bucket of food scraps into the bin.

They hatch into flies that deposit beneficial bacteria in the bin. Add your worms in last. Empty your bin if the infestation of maggots continues and then rinse off all of your worms.

Reasons for maggots in compost. Wet compost can as well result in the presence maggots in your compost.

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Kill Maggots
Kill Maggots
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