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Kreg Jig Joining Different Thickness

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Heres the simple rule to remember how to set up your kreg jig to join thicker and thinner materials. In short you should have set up for 19mm and used 125 screws.

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Kreg jig joining different thickness. The picture shows a thick board and thick board that were joined with pocket holes. Loosen the drill guide pin or pull it back on the kreg jig k5 lift the drill guide until the correct mark is showing just above the jig body and then retighten or release the pin. Posted 1212016 in kreg tool tips.

Unless going into a thinner piece which will require a shorter screw. Mar 22 2019 kreg jig screw length needed when joining wood of different thicknesses vertical axis material thickness of pocket hole lumber horizontal axis thickness of lumber being screwed into. This reduces friction and bit dulling.

This chart will help you when joining two pieces of wood together using a kreg jig. Roy wants to join a 34 workpiece to a 1 12 workpiece and would like to know what size screw to use. Always use actual thickness when selecting a kreg screw.

Working with different board thicknesses when joining boards of two different thicknesses edge to edge or end to edge set your kreg jig according to the thickness of the thinner board. Those joints include butt joints edge joints miter joints and joining different thickness. Next time set your jig up for the thickness of the piece being drilled and use the prescribed screw for that thickness.

There are four common pocket hole joints we use to build our projects. Match up different thicknesses. Join any combination of wood thickness from 12 to 1 12.

As you can see the kreg jig was set for thick material the thinner board. If joining boards end to face or edge to face such as in a table apron to the top. Using pocket holes to join materials of different thicknesses can be confusing.

For the jig setting part set the collar on the drill bit and also the height of the jig. Today well look at each of these joints the proper techniques for assembling each joint and how to use them for building diy furniture projects. Riaz plans to join pieces of different thickness and wondered how to set up the drill guide the drill bit depth collar and what size screws to use when joining workpieces.

Kreg jig settings chart. Joining by kreg tool company kreg screws are available in multiple lengths but theres no need to be confused. When joining boards of two different thicknesses edge to edge or end to edge as shown below set the pocket hole depth for the thinner board.

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Kreg Jig Different Thickness
Kreg Jig Different Thickness
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