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Lathe Swing Capacity

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The lathe bed is cast iron which sits on a factory supplied wood plank. This is my first post so be kind.

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You would have a 12 inch swing lathe because it is measured by the diameter of the work piece.

Lathe swing capacity. That number will tell you the range you need for distance between centers on your wood lathe and will let you know if you need to think about adding an extension to your lathe. After that take note of the max length of wood you intend to turn. A 12 swing means you can turn a bowl that has a 6 radius and it will clear the bed of the lathe.

That answer will determine the swing over bed and the swing over tool rest base you need to consider. In terms of swing on the lathe it is measured from the bed ways to the centerpoint of the spur in the headstock. Leblond regal engine lathe 15 x 54 rated capacity 15 swing over ways 9 swing over cross slide 54 maximum distance between centers 1 1332 hole thru spindle 45 to 1800 rpm inch.

You can find out more information here. Powered by a 1 horsepower max 1725 rpm motor the delta 46 460 industrial 12 12 inch variable speed midi lathe provides a 12 12 inch swing capacity. However some metal lathes are measured by the distance from the top of the carriage to the spindle.

I inherited an old delta woodturning lathe. Three pulley speed ranges makes it easy to select the required speeds needed to turn a project without changing belt position. It is inpractical if not impossible to load 2 tons of cotton candy on a 2 tons pick up just as is hill advised to fill the bed 4 feet high with lead.

Yet you can carry 2 tons and a cord of wood. And so for instants if one places a tape measure on the bed and measures 8 inches to the center of the spur this is half of the swing as the lathe will swing 16 inches over the bed. Definition of lathe swing.

If you have a lathe and want to measure for the swing you simply measure from the bed of the lathe to the center of the spindle and then double that measurement. When turning bowls or plates that are as large as you indicated the head stock usually pivots so that the work will hang off the back of the lathe and not over the bed. Lathe swing is the diameter of the wood that can be turned.

The first number is referred to as the swing of the lathe which is the maximum diameter of a piece or work that can fit in the lathe. I want to increase the swing of the lathe by machining riser blocks for the headstock and tail stock. Each stated limit must be understood in contest.

Im guessing it is at least 70 years old.

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Lathe Swing
Lathe Swing
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