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Leg Vise Construction

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The first step is to build the vises chop and parallel guide. Furthermore unless you use roller bearings such as the glide system from benchcrafted pictured left you have a fair amount of friction andor slop to.

Benchcrafted Glide Crisscross Leg Vise Tail Vise Fine Tools

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Build A Workbench Leg Vise

From design theory to construction use.

Leg vise construction. Place the plate of the nut at the back of the leg and measure the distance from the front of the leg t his surface will become the inside chop of the vise to the inside face of the mounting. To determine the length of the parallel guide first thread the nut fully onto the screw. Im in the process of designing the chop for my leg vise and im trying to determine if supporting bearing wheels are required or what purpose they serve.

Lee valley offers high quality woodworking tools woodturning wood finishing sharpening woodcarving gardening tools and hardware to woodworkers cabinetmakers and gardeners. You may print a copy of these files for your own personal use. As shown in plate 11 the vise has neither a parallel guide nor a garter.

Copies either digital or printed may not be distributed to other persons. Ok so the shaft does make the vice super smooth and pin less but for something so humble todays leg vice really did work a treat. Roubo workbench leg vise alternative linear bearings.

I would certainly advice anyone who thinks that building with a pinless leg vice is a touch on the expensive side not to dismiss this vice in its original and simple form. Benchcrafted classic leg vise hardware from lee valley tools. They require pin changes to accommodate differing material thickness along with additional complexity in construction.

When i built this vise i had misgivings about missing these features the parallel guide and garter i am so fond of. It also creates the vises leverage and. As most hand tool woodworking trends get their start these days i think leg vises gained popularity when chris schwarz installed one on his bench which was featured on the cover of his 2007 book workbenches.

Please do not support or encourage piracy and illegal copying. The parallel guide is a strip of wood at the bottom of the leg vise that prevents the vises chop from spinning like a propeller. Obviously the keep the parallel guide perpendicular to the leg and thus keep the chop parallel to the front plane of the bench.

It seems like every woodworker out there is building a bench and many are incorporating a leg vise. The vises jaw is quite close to the floor. The leg vise is perhaps the most unusual feature of this circa 1768 workbench.

If a leg vise has a disadvantage and im not quite willing to admit that it does it would be its parallel guide.

Installing A Leg Vise With A Sliding Dovetail Wedge

Workbench Build Top Attached Leg Vise Construction Rybo

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