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Linden Tree Wood

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In the slavic orthodox christian world linden wood was the preferred wood for panel icon painting. There are about 30 species of linden native throughout most of the temperate northern hemisphere.

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Lindenwood trees also known as basswood lime trees and linden are medium sized shade trees that are members of the tilia genus.

Linden tree wood. Linden branches were brought for healing if there was an ill person or animal in the house. In the british isles they are commonly called lime trees or lime bushes although they are not closely related to the tree that produces the lime fruit. The latin name may also be listed as tilia x vulgaris tilia intermedia or tilia officinarum.

The common linden is often used as a street and shade tree. Linden is one of three english names for the tree genus tilia also known as lime and basswood. Not trying to be a wood snob but only have so much room to store wood and want to make the space count.

Nobody could break or cut the linden tree without special needs. Tilia is a genus of about 30 species of trees or bushes native throughout most of the temperate northern hemisphere. Other names include linden for the european species and basswood for north american species.

It can be found in europe north america and asia. People also were making talismans of the linden wood. This hybrid is a result of the cross between the large leaved lime tilia platyphyllos or tilia dasystyla subsp.

Native to the eastern two thirds of north america lindenwood. Caucasica and little leaf linden tilia cordata. The genus is generally called lime or linden in britain and linden lime or basswood in north america.

My son called and said his neighbor had cut down a linden tree has anyone burned linden.

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Linden Tree Wood Uses
Linden Tree Wood Uses
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