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Magnetic Repulsion Motor

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Why is electromagnetic repulsion so infrequently used in applications. People have known about the phenomenon of magnetism for a long time.

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Repulsion motor is a special kind of single phase ac motor which works due to the repulsion of similar poles.

Magnetic repulsion motor. The ancient egyptians described magnetic repulsion in about 600 bc. Magnetism and the san francisco bay area. Let us start with the basic attraction of a magnet north is always stronger than the repulsion south.

What is repulsion motor. Both are from the same wikipedia article on dc motors. The main components of repulsion motor are.

For better understanding of the principle here we use a salient pole type instead of non salient pole type since the basic functioning of both the construction is same. The picture lower on the right scroll down seems to show a motor primarily turning based on the lorentz force. The force a magnet exerts on an iron filing or the force the earths magnetic field exerts on the needle of a compass are the most common examples of magnetism.

Students can explore and feel how the strength of magnetic repulsion increases as the distance decreases. Repulsion motors are based on the principle of repulsion between two magnetic fieldsconsider a 2 pole salient pole motor with a vertical magnetic axis. The repelling magnetic force between magnets with the same poles facing each other is the basis for this scientific toy.

Construction of repulsion motor. The brushes are short circuited using a low resistance jumper. A real and working magnetic motor spinning indefinitely ovidiu sandru february 6 2013 magnetic power ok i saw this on gizmodo unexpectedly and despite the fact that ive been blogging for five years now ive never actually seen something this amazing the famous magnetic motor spinning by itself indefinitely like this video shows.

The stator of this motor is supplied with 1 phase ac supply and rotor circuit is shorted through carbon brush. Repulsion motors are based on the principle of repulsion between two magnetic fields. The perendev magnetic motor brings a new form of energy to the world no fossil fuel is used in the running of the motor the motor runs on magneticelectric energy produced by the repulsion of.

As in using an electromagnet to repel a permanent magnet rather than to attract a magnet or ferrous material. The top right picture in the link above would seem to show a motor primarily turning based on magnetic repulsion n in the core repels n in the external magnet for example. Consider a 2 pole salient pole motor with vertical magnetic axis.

If i have two bar magnets for an example and i place one on the table taping it down so it will not move then i hold the other in my hand and angle it just right keeping them spaced exactly apart. The armature is connected to a commutator and brushes.

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Repulsion Motor
Repulsion Motor
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