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Make Your Own Inlay Template

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The technique is very easy to learn. Because youre using the brass inlay kit your fence can only be 14 tall and the router base will need to ride on the top of it.

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Plywood or hardboard to make your own template.

Make your own inlay template. To keep the tem plate from moving and ruining the inlay make sure to use fresh tape for each piece you cut. Learn about making l shaped templates with help from an. Attach the template to your stock with double sided tape.

You can turn a humble piece of hardboard into a template or pattern for a decorative design structural part geometric feature or any other shape. Mdf medium density fibreboard and first make a template with that. For the tool chest we cut the butterfly pattern into a 6×12 template.

I would start with some 12. Making butterfly inlay with a plunge router is a good example. You can buy inlay kits as well as acrylic templates like the bowtie shown above from just about any woodworking supply store or on line retailer.

Double stick tape andor clamp masonite to a piece of scrap material so that when you cut your template it does not cut into your table. To make a match ing inlay piece use the template as a window to nd the right grain orientation. Router templates can be very simple to make and a quarter inch hardboard can be used and sanded to make a crisp clean and smooth template.

If i were going to make that in the size you show. The size your showing is to small for the inlay kit. Remember youre going to route the pocket first.

As you can see in the box on the opposite page the. As you make the template you can fuss over the details until theyre just right or toss it and start again. In this article well use the large bowtie template.

Use a 716 guide set the depth of cut to the thickness of your material. Using double stick tape attach the shape you wish to copy on to the masonite. Cut out the inlay.

So probably a guide bushing with a 18 straight bit. Once you perfect the template. Butterflies appear to bind two pieces of wood together but theyre really just for show and are only 18 in.

This ensures a perfect fitting inlay every time. If youre making more elaborate or irregular shaped inlays youll probably end up making your own templates out of 14 material or purchasing a template kit. Are all you letters that small.

Size the template so you can clamp it to the workpiece with room for the router to move between the clamps. You can make your own inlay templates but we have several ready to run patterns for popular shapes. You can also make your own templates from 14 hardboard.

Using a trim router allows for a smaller template each of the three inlays has its own centerline on the door. Creating wood inlays part 2. Then using carpet tape fasten the template securely to the inlay blank.

All it takes is a set of router accessories and some 14 in.

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