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Making A Spear Shaft

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How to make a spear. For visualization this also incorporates pictures of spears.

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Historical weapons also have reference of these woods for making shafts.

Making a spear shaft. It can also be a daily household tool. Once youve decided on the length find a rock or use a knife to serve as a wedge. Hope you the wood experts would solve it.

Make a slip ring from vines or other suitable material. Find a young straight hardwood tree. Like a throwing spear an atlatl is something you can make at home.

This spur supports the butt of the spear dart or other projectile which you are going to throw. We recommend hard woods such as hickory oak or maple. Indian spears native americans indian spears basic components.

Tie a length of cordage to another tree across the trail. Let dry in a supported position so as not to induce curvature. Tie a sturdy smooth stick to the other end of the cord.

Well tell you why later tip. But i want to know which one is the best for making a spear shaft. We recommend a small green sapling approximately 2 25 inches in diameter and a few inches taller than you are.

Ideally you want the heartwood the older denser inside wood. The atlatl is an extension of your throwing arm adding length and acting as a lever. Drive the wedge right down the center of your spear by hammering it lightly.

You could also place a twig between the newly made prongs. This article discusses the basics of how to make an indian spear. Basically american indian spears are composed of two things a shaft and a spearhead.

From the first tree tie a trip wire or cord low to the ground stretch it across the trail and tie it to a catch stick. Making a pig spear shaft. The spear is one of the oldest weapons used by humans.

When choosing a tree for your spear pole choose as straight a sapling as possible. Strip the bark and reduce the shaft diameter on a lathe. Once the wedge is in place secure it with some more rope or cordage.

I know spear shaft can be made from any of these woods. Several months ago a reenactor i was speaking with made the claim that certain native americans specifically a group living around tn made straight spear shafts by hanging cut green saplings from a tree with weights tied onto them to pull them straighter as they dried. The first spear was merely a sharpened stick with a fire hardened tip but as time progressed we discovered how to forge iron and steel securing the spear as an invaluable asset in the medieval armory.

It is a simple shaft which has a spur loop or cup at one end. Fell the tree and cut to desired lengths.

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