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Millers Falls Planes Any Good

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Pictures shown are of the tool for sale. 9 smooth hand plane.

Millers Falls No 9 Type 3 Hand Plane Hand Tools The Patriot

Millers Falls Type 1 Hand Plane Troy Eads

Millers Falls Plane For Sale Ebay

I get by prettywell without a number 4 sized bench plane but have wanted a larger smootherthan my number 3.

Millers falls planes any good. Mostly ive regretted selling them on and if i find any more in good condition ill probably hang onto them. Buying good tools cheap smoothing planes. Millers falls plane quality good or not so good.

Been buying used hand planes from ebay and have bought two millers falls planes because they are reputed to be just as good as stanley planes and are a little cheaper. Also thin irons work great. Most of my planes are stanleys but i have to admit i have a sort of soft spot for the good millers falls planes.

It seems on any given day someone is talking on here about the pros and cons of buying old stanleys and rehabbing them. Little difference between a bed rock and a bailey pattern stanley so craftsmen who knew planes stuck with the perfectly good bailey pattern planes. I love the millers falls brand with many a plane passing through hackney tools towers.

Any info about millers falls planes. I do add a very small handlin. This would make a great addition to any collection or the start of a new one.

If you have any questions please feel fret e mail. Id like the opinions of the group here. Also i have just bought a near mint looking type 3 millers falls jack plane off ebay for 60 pound.

Millers falls how do they compare. I good millers falls is just about a good as they get. Its not often i see something about other old planes.

A quick clean up of a great plane with some before and after shots. Hi all i just inherited 3 planes from my father. 2 millers falls type 3 9 075 and a wards master 5.

Millers falls wood plane tool 14 multiple adjustments made in the usa 5995. Im not comparing these to the bedrock planes just the standard older stanley planes so please nobody go crazy on me. I have a 9 and a 18 that are my go to users.

Miller falls 14 plane woodworking tool. Maybe its because they are the underdog or maybe its the brighter shinier metal that i usually have to strip because its flaking away either way here we go. My father was by no means a finish carpenter and i certainly dont profess to be a professional even though ive maintained a woodworking hobby for nearly 30 years.

Some of the post war stuff is not so great but they made some very good planes and were competitors with stanley and sargent in quality. By paul sellers. Item is in good condition normal wear.

Nice millers falls no9 plane with corrugated sole.

Millers Falls Virginia Toolworks

Millers Falls Number 85 Rabbet Filletster Plane Millers Falls Planes

Millers Falls Fillister Plane 85 Review

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