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Milling Telephone Poles

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I was going to put the creosoted ends back in the ground for my main posts after cutting them in half and sawing some collar ties out of some of the others.

Milling telephone poles. He was cutting old phone poles and selling them. I could get 1 side of 1 pole before the chain went. Shell busey takes a tour of a recycling plant that turns old telephone poles into useable lumber.

Ft which makes some big poles for 8. He had some kind of deal with power company to pu old removed poles. I have a 48 x 50 building that is made from 6x 6 posts.

I have made a 28 rail with a makeshift slide and tried a chainsaw mounted to it. I dont know the history of the poles other than that a fellow now deceased who worked for the local electric company had these poles delivered to a local saw mill many years ago. When manufacturing a product for example milling treated poles into lumber i doubt that your involvement ends when you cash the check.

I have a large quantity of used telephone poles and i would like to square them up into 6x6s. Ive never paid too much attentionbut i dont recall seeing any poles that werent treated one way or another. The lumber you produce from those poles may have human contact for years and years.

I would like to make a pole barn and the local utility company sells old poles for 40 cents a ln. There are quite a few posts in the archives about milling used utility poles. Milling old poles sucks i did it years ago not anymore.

My longest ones were 18. Make sure you wear a good mask doesnt matter what theyre treated with its bad for you. When i built it 9 years ago i bought the posts from a local guy that was selling them for 2.

Please try again later. This works but chains wouldnt hold up over the long haul. The general consensus is stay away from the creosote treated poles but its ok to mill redwood and cedar poles as long as you have a good metal detector.

Creosote cca the green ones stands for chromated copper arsenate dont burn the slabs or scraps as the smoke will have cyanide in it. Telephone pole lumber kelly im in se pa. A foot and i told him length that i wanted.

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