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Mimosa Wood For Smoking

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Ask the seller what kind of wood it is. It has a much milder flavor but its supposed to be a good wood to use to give a hint of mesquite or stretch out stronger flavored woods.

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How To Make A Wooden Smoking Pipe 8 Steps

Skr8pn late for supper.

Mimosa wood for smoking. Ive got some drying i may try. Just wood isnt good enough ask an andouille maker what he uses to smoke his product and he is never going to reply just wood more than likely he wont even tell you unless you are a special friend. My dad used to use them as a switch in the rare times we needed a whipping.

The most you can expect if you are not is a sly wink and a knowing smile. Mimosa trees are most easily recognized by their pom pom like flowers which have silky floss like features. Question on wood for wood heater.

Can you burn wood from a mimosa tree for firewood in a wood heater. Discussion in how to save energy started by vaill dec 16. Ive read that is is a cousin of mesquite and you can use it to smoke meat with.

The mimosa tree can encompass a wide range of tree varieties. For the smoking process is the artistry of andouille. I never found a use for the wood.

I would not use them for cooking implements without extensive research to make sure they are not toxic. Trees like pines firs or cypress have soft wood which burns fast leaves few coals and makes a lot of smoke that can coat your chimney with soot not. Ive considered coppicing a stand too to use to make small batches of charcoal.

Bethanial dec 16 2010 2. But i do know do not burn wood from a holly tree the fumessmoke can make you sick. Thanks linda from e.

Although usually grown as an ornamental tree the wood from mimosa can be used for a number of different things. Nk i suppose that you could use them for simple wood tools like pot hooks whistles and the like.

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Mimosa Wood
Mimosa Wood
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