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Minwax Polyurethane Gun Stock

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Sure it would be easy to use. It was the ugly turd brown that savage used back in the late 90s.

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Minwax Polyshades Satin Antique Walnut Stain And Polyurethane 1

Minwax Super Fast Drying Polyurethane For Floors 13022000 Do It Best

Dries fast and etc.

Minwax polyurethane gun stock. Heres a savage 110 i did. It is very forgiving to apply and holds up very well very waterproof. From pictures i cant see that it makes all that much difference although the blanks pen makers use are mostly really fancy stuff much more fancy than gun stocks.

I was just wondering how many coats of it i can out on. Suggest deft brushable lacquer yea its interior but do you live outsides all day. Does anyone have any pictures of a stock that they finished with minwax spray polyurethane in either satin or semi gloss.

Stripped it with spray on stripper steam ironed all the dents out 4 coats of minwax red mahoganey stain and 10 coats of minwax gloss polyurethane. Minwax wiping poly is one of my preferred gun finishes. I have used it on tables benches a banjo rim but so far no gun stocks.

I am refinishing a gun stock and am using minwax fast drying cleargloss polyurethane to seal it after i stained it. I am sanding between coats with 400 grit sandpaper and it is looking great. The only prettier gun in my safe now is my wifes montefeltro silver.

I havent been able to get the non gloss finish i desire with truoil and so was looking to spray a polyurethane over it but was hoping to see some pictures before trying it. I have mostly used the satin finish but they also make a gloss. A polyurethane you apply with a cloth.

Have it in my collection of wood finishes but never used lacquer for a gun stock. One reason being is that it is easier to find a very fancy burl pen blank small enough to make a pen than it is to find a fancy piece large enough to make a gun stock. And touchup no problem later.

I really like the minwax wipe on poly. Polycrylic is a great finish for certain applications i used some just this morning on some wood trim i would not recommend it on your stock though because it is basically an interior product and is not suitable for use outdoors i know your rifle will spend most of its life inside but for my preference i would use minwax polyurethane spray in a satin finish polycrylic is a totally.

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