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Norton Stone Flattener

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If i ever suspect it isnt flat in the future ill flatten it again. The norton flattening stone is 9 x 3 x 34.

Norton Flattening Stone

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Made from coarse silicon carbide the norton flattening stone economically trues all makes and grits of waterstones.

Norton stone flattener. The silicon carbide abrasive promotes maximum cutting for fast results while the flat shape and hard bond effectively flatten. 4000 to 8000 etc. Nortons flattening stone when rubbed across your waterstones surface quickly flattens and refreshes the face.

Now i have a reliably flat flattening stone that works great and at a fraction of the cost of a dmt diamond lapping plate. The norton flattening stone is the new low cost way to flatten water stones. The norton flattening stone is a must if your using whetstones for sharpening knifes woodworking tools you have to keep your whetstones flat witch is what you use the norton flattening stone.

You would expect this but i find the 220 grit waterstone to be much worse than the 1000 grits for wear such as when flattening the backs of new chisels etc. It works great and fast to flatten your whetstones and keeping them in tip top shape. I did and it took all of 5 minutes to flatten mine as flat as my jointer in feed table which is extremely flat.

We ship everything we sell. Use plenty of water during the. Produce flat surfaces on waterstones of all grit sizes with norton flattening stones.

Otherwise i find the norton flattening stone quite useful but i find myself leaning towards possibly investing in a large diamond stone for flattening. If you need a complete sharpening system a hard to find sharpening stone or just a replacement wheel if it is related to sharpening we probably have it. We ship monday through friday and all in stock orders placed by 200 pm.

The coarse grit silicon carbide promotes maximum cutting speed and produces extremely flat results. Simply rub your water stone on your the norton flattening stone until the water stone is completely flat. The norton flattening stone is a low cost easy to use method for flattening all grits and sizes of waterstones.

Stone measures 9 x 3 x 34. Cst are shipped the same day. Its coarse grit silicon carbide promotes maximum cutting while the diagonal grooves provide a path for material removal during the process.

The coarse silicon carbide grit with diagonal grooves quickly flattens water stones. In fact i have seen enough non flat flattening stones returned from unhappy customers to construct a non flat house. First off as you have read dont trust the flattening stone.

9 x 3 x 34 flattening stone. I use an extra course dmt to flatten my 1000 grit stone and then rub them together from there. Just pencil a grid pattern on the stone you wish to flatten and rub it over the flattening stone until the lines disappear.

These stones are constructed with diagonal grooves allowing for the easy removal of swarf.

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