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Oil Based Polyurethane Over Water Based Polyurethane

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Make sure that you use the right kind. A great finish to try is zar brand ultra max a waterborne oil modified polyurethane.

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Recoating a water based acrylic floor finish with oil based polyurethane is not usually a problem so long as the old finish is properly buffed and cleaned before applying the new finish.

Oil based polyurethane over water based polyurethane. A polyurethane finish can prolong the life of paint and prevent ultra violet rays from causing it to fade. Then lightly sand entire surface with fine sandpaper 220 grit to ensure an even finish and proper adhesion. Generally the water based finish contains 30 to 35 solids only which are responsible for the protective finish compared to 45 to 50 solids in case of oil based polyurethane.

Set one of the cans aside to use for later layers. Spray lacquer is commonly used on new furniture and in new construction. Not all paint thinners are suitable for oil based polyurethane finishes.

However you must buff sand the entire floor to break the existing gloss and completely remove the sanding dust before application. If you want to avoid a similar outcome choose a specific. Unfortunately when many do it yourselfers apply polyurethane over a water based latex or acrylic paint they end up with rampant flaking.

Let dry 2 hours. Purchase two cans of oil based polyurethane. Dilute the remaining can with equal amounts of paint thinner.

Apply a second coat. Some of these water based finishes are not for use over lacquer or shellac. Apply a thin coat of water based polyurethane using a high quality synthetic bristle brush or foam brush.

Products like parks water based polyurethane for floors can be applied over oil based poly. Use 220 grit sandpaper and sand enough to dull the existing gloss but not enough to impact the stained color of the wood. How to polyurethane over water based paint.

Additionally they wont give your wood the rich glowing feature the oil based polyurethane provides.

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