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Okoume Wood

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Sometimes simply called gabon not to be confused with gaboon ebony the wood is commercially important in the country of gabon where its the principle timber species. It has a medium blunting effect on cutters.

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Okoumes clear beautifully figured grain has a golden honey colored hue beneath epoxy and varnish while its low density yields ultra lightweight hulls.

Okoume wood. Okoume aucoumea klaineana is a fast growing plantation grown tropical hardwood. Worse it does not resist impact well. Okoume is a cheap silica filled mahogany that moves a lot.

Okoume has a high strength to weight ratio which is why it is the plywood of choice for racing boats and applications where weight is important. Okoume is the wood of the okoume tree aucoumea klaineana a species native to west central africa in particular gabon equatorial guinea and the republic of congo. Other uses include furniture components joinery and light construction.

Okoume wood is lightweight and strong working easily and gluing well with a density between 36 to 42. Much of the base wood information presented here is made available by the usda fpl fs. Okoume marine plywood is graded as being compliant with bs 1088 which is a british standard for marine plywood.

Okoume aucoumea klaineana also known as gaboon or combogala is only found in gabon the congo and equatorial guinea in africa. It is a large hardwood tree growing to 3040 m tall rarely larger with a trunk 1 25 m diameter above the often large basal buttresses. The tree generally has interlocked grain that produces a good natural luster.

In the united states okoume is generally used for decorative plywood paneling general utility plywood and doors. Cheap acoustic guitars necks are made of this junk. Yet it sounds much like maple light and bright and can be used for backs and sides or tops.

Our marine okoume plywood has a lloyds of london stamp that certifies it to be bs 1088. Within its native range okoume is considered widespread and relatively common. And yes i build high end instruments and wood never use it when you shape it and the grain freys you are in sanding hell.

Okoume aucoumea klaineana akoume fast growing and used in marine plywood youd think it odd to be found here. The lumber of this tree is known by many names among them acoume gaboon wood uume and zouga. January 2018 aucoumea klaineana angouma gaboon or okoume is a tree in the family burseraceae native to equatorial west africa in gabon the republic of the congo and rio muni.

Veneer plywood boatbuilding musical instruments furniture and interior millwork. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of aircraft in europe and boats worldwide. Okoume mahogany marine plywood.

I am a high end wood craftsman for the past 30 years oh my tone wood collection.

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Okoume Wood Database
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