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Osage Orange Tree Wood

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Osage orange lumber osage orange wood live edge osage orange blanks osage orange bow stave osage orange wood bowl osage orange tree. Osage orange firewood is known as being an extremely hot burning firewood.

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Osage orange firewood also known as hedge horse apple or bodark is one of the best firewood types available.

Osage orange tree wood. But before it became a living fence or railroad ties it was revered by many native americans as the wood of choice for their bows and war clubs. This oddly shaped tree does not grow very tall roughly 26 49 feet but its wood is extremely dense making it a great firewood choice. Its usage as a large hedge tree in a row planting and the softball sized fruits of female trees give it the alternative common name of hedge apple.

The extraordinary osage orange tree osage maclura pomifera is the sole surviving member of the genus maclura of its many relatives from past geologic eras only fossils remain. It commonly grows 30 to 40 feet tall occasionally as tall as 50 to 60. It may be the hottest burning and hardest wood east of the rockies.

Hotter than oakhickory and any of the other eastern hardwoods. Settlers moving into the region found that the osage orange possessed several admirable qualities. The distinctive fruit from a multiple fruit family is roughly spherical bumpy 8 to 15 centimetres 36 in in diameter and turns bright yellow green in the fall.

Find great deals on ebay for osage orange wood. Osage orange maclura pomifera is also known as bow wood bodark boduck horse apple or bois darc. Americas earliest encounters with the osage orange tree and its peculiar fruit are well documented in the correspondence between thomas jefferson and the western expeditions he commissioned.

Considered by many to be north americas most durable hardwood osage orange is named after the osage indian tribe and the orange refers to fruit of the tree. Osage orange a tree introduced into ohio during the 1800s is commonly seen in rural areas where it is found in fields and fence rows. Commonly the wood of a related south american speciesmaclura tinctoriais imported as argentine osage orange.

It is said to burn as hot as coal. Maclura pomifera commonly known as the osage orange hedge or hedge apple tree is a small deciduous tree or large shrub typically growing to 8 to 15 metres 3050 ft tall. If planted close together osages would grow only to about 20 or 30 feethe osage orange is a small to medium sized tree.

Skip to main content. This imported wood has the advantage of being available in larger sizes with boards having less knots and defects than the smaller domestic species maclura pomifera.

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Orange Tree Wood
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