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Patina Recipes For Steel

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Sent from my ipad using tapatalk hd 125 knifetex may 15 2013. These basic chemicals are most commonly used by artists sculptors and architects to develop different patina chemical.

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Produce a rich rust patina on iron and steel safely and quickly using common household chemicals.

Patina recipes for steel. Premium patinas for steel galvanized and stainless steel. I tried 4 coats of perma blue gun metal bluing on this morakniv 511 carbon steel blade as an experiment. Your pieces are just gorgeous.

Not sure if it qualifies as a patina recipe but it looks really cool in person. After a few weeks or months depending on moisture and humidty the metal will start an oxidation process eventually coating the whole surface. I cant wait to try some of them.

This beginning kit includes four of our most popular patina chemicals for use on copper brass and bronze. In 1 or 2 days the copper will be covered in green patina it will be like paintscrape that patina off and collect and repeat. Try these featured patina items.

Discussion in. A rust patina is exactly as it sounds a coating of rust oxidation on steel. Stir flakes or powder of silver nitrate into water.

This is a very easy patina to use it sticks and reacts well on brass. As for the sidebar i feel like im still learning my way around blogging so im no help at all. Thank you for sharing your patina recipes with us.

This resource guide is the book for all metal artists. You should wear long sleeves and gloves in addition to ordinary eye and face protection when applying it since splatters from the the hot patina actively and semi permanently discolor skin and fingernails. One of the simplist ways to accomplish this is to leave bare steel outside in the weather.

You might try clicking on the post title you want to add to the sidebar and copy the url. Background ive had this maine bu. Cupric nitrate ferric nitrate sulfurated potash liver of sulfur copper sulfate sodium sulfide silver nitrate stannic oxide and many more.

Patinas patina solutions steel blackening how to patina copper how to patina brass how to patina steel copper patina how to patina metal sur fin chem. Many of our patinas are found only at steel fx. This instructable will show you a fast safe method using common household chemicals that you probably already have to produce a rich rust patina on iron and steel to give it a weathered aged appearance.

Let it dry and you will have green powder you can add water or urithine and you have paint on patina. Our basic chemicals for hotcold patina recipes include. These will help you create a wide variety of shades including tans browns red browns greys and blacks.

Get the media dampits almost dry to the touch.

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Patina Recipes
Patina Recipes
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