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Pex For Compressed Air Osha

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Has anyone used pex tubing to run compressed air in a shop. There are companies out there selling lines of low flammability plastic made for compressed air pipe fittings.

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The state of washington has notified the public that pvc pipe is not to be used in compressed air systems.

Pex for compressed air osha. There are a few pex pipes that are stated to be okay to use with compressed air but most don t explicitly state it. I refuse to use other plastic pipes for fear of explosion and plastic shards becoming shrapnel. I know metal lines are better for the sake of condensation but i need to run a few lines in odd places that would just be a huge pain in the a.

Also double check the pressure rating and what you compressor can put out. I had copper air lines in my old garage and really liked it. Oregon oshas rules for compressed air and compressed gas equipment prohibit you from using pvc pipe in above ground compressed air systems unless the pipe is completely enclosed in a conduit or casing strong enough to provide protection from external damage and deterioration.

This pex states 180psi at 73f. Pex will handle the pressure with no problem. Pressure heat and lubricant aerosols are passing through pipes as soon as air leaves the initial compression stage.

Unfortunately pvc has been frequently used with compressed air in construction projects across the country. This is in response to your memorandum of january 17 concerning a recently issued safety and health information bulletin shib dated december 13 1990 by the directorate of science technology and medicinethe shib was issued in connection with the use of thermoplastic pipes in above ground transportation of compressed air or gases and was based on the plastic pipe institutes. My compressor maxes out at 125psi tank pressure and i have it regulated down to about 105psi.

Im getting tired of tripping over rubber hoses in the new garage. Always use proper safety precaution and reference reliable outside sources before attempting any construction or remodeling task. I think one of my coworkers that ive loaned tools to before has a pex crimper so if i can borrow a crimper is pex worth the trouble for an easy 25 run.

Osha has banned pvc piping in most compressed air applications as well as other uses such as residential water piping and for good reason. The last thing you want in a fire is the air lines melting and feeding the fire with a nice high pressure air supply. Installing pex compressed air system 33 doing it dans way daniel woodell this video show how i instead my compressed air system using pex piping and fittings.

Anyone know if i can safely use pex for running compressed air lines in my shop. This pipe is designed for the transmittal of liquids and is dangerous when used for transmitting compressed air or gas. I realize that the pex i used is.

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Pex For Compressed Air
Pex For Compressed Air
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