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Planer Snipe

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With a little practice you can reduce snipe to a mere burnish mark that can be scraped or sanded out in a few seconds with no need to sacrifice valuable board footage. Planer snipe is when a planer cuts a little bit deeper at the beginning or end of a long board.

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The material is fed through the machine on a bed.

Planer snipe. The idea here is instead of the feedrollers hitting the front edge all at once it hits just the front corner of the board and eases onto the rest of the board. When using a planer there are a few common obstacles you may encounter. Snipe is one of the most common issues.

The effect is usually quite subtle but if you run your fingers along the board you can usually feel a slight step. While it is hard to completely eliminate it you can lessen it quite a bit. Planer snipe is a common phenomenon with almost all planers and its one truth one cannot run away from.

It will always be around and i am quite sure almost all who use wood have experienced this on several occasions. As with a conventional surface planer correctly adjusting the tables and cutterhead positions will eliminate the sniping effect. Yes drum sanders will snipe just like a planer.

Good machine 302616 views. Now it is sniping on both ends. Same cause same effect just different cutters.

Thickness planer snipe is a natural result of physics. Simple method to avoid planer snipe. Shining a light on the board at a low angle also reveals it.

This phenomenon is called snipe. In big machines the bed is something more than a piece of thin stainless steel plate incorporating pressure rollers and cast iron. Angle the board 15 to 30 degrees coming into the planer.

Perhaps a planer with two infeed rollers two outfeed rollers and eight foot in and outfeed tables could eliminate snipe for you. The only way to deal with it is to cut it off. It can be a very minor dip that only becomes visible when applying finish or it can be severe as in the photo to the left.

Our article on how to reduce planer snipe covers some of the most effective ways weve found and also what didnt work for us. Some planers sometimes jointers and drum sanders too have a really annoying habit of digging in deeper at the beginning andor ends of boards. Amazing fastest wood lathe machine operation modern cnc automatic wood turning milling carving duration.

Using longer boards with some sacrificial end material also can be done and often is. Prior to this i never experienced snipe with this planer. If i feed a 4 test board through on an angle it eliminates all visible snipe.

The fifth method for reducing planer snipe is to run the boards through on an angle.

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Planer Snipe Definition
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