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Planing Table Top

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Owner to reviewits owner to review structure content and objectives of the planobjectives of the plan. Plane your wood slabs with a planing sled that you build.

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Trying to level a table top with a plane or belt sander is really difficult for your first project.

Planing table top. This instructable gives an overview of how to plane your wood slabs flat using a router and a planing sled. That one was spalted maple probably offered more difficult wood related issues. If you have specific questions we ought to kick em around here and wed all learn a few things.

Mario rodriguez has done a couple similar articles in fine woodworking. The problem is i didnt have a bench top planer when i made it and now the top is all uneven due to different board sizes. I made a 24 by 36 inch coffee table similar to this from various pallet boards i had laying around.

Correcting errors could leave you with a 12 thick top. This planning table has two tapered solid maple pedestal legs and two solid maple truss bars that keep your table from wobbling and bowing. I had an article in the june 2002 issue of woodwork on hand planing a table top.

Table top full scale comprehensive plan review. Basic definitions table top exercise a review of the processes and. A sturdy table is a must when working on art and drafting projects and planning table with tote trays maple top diversified woodcrafts planning table offers you just that.

Planning a table top exercise photo courtesy of fema february 2008 laurie pearce. Next time use biscuits to help you line up the glue up. The only hand plane i have is 10 hand plane from harbor freight which works great on hardwood but not on soft pine.

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Planing Table
Planing Table
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