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Pocket Screw Joint Strength

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You can certainly use pocket screws for some parts of a project and some other joinery method for other parts of the project. John wright i know the speal from kreg about pocket hole screws being stronger than mortise and tenon joints but i need some honest advise.

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Appearance needed strength and expected life of the joint should go into the decision.

Pocket screw joint strength. Now concerning pocket hole screws. I have used pocket screws in the past when i could get away with it. Just wanted to mention that unfortunately it wont be a simple yes or no because of the variables.

I am working on my workbench stand and i got to thinking are pocket hole screws strong enough to attach the stretchers to the legs. The joint with the 3 12 screws screwed through the post and into the end grain held up to 160 pounds before the screw heads got pulled into the post. Joining by kreg tool company people often talk of building with the kreg jig but drilling pocket holes is only half the story.

After i put washers behind the screw heads i was able to load the joint to 300 pounds. Remember joinery can be just as much about taste and opinion as it is about strength and utility. Unlike basic dry wall screws with wedge shaped heads prone to splitting wood kreg screws feature large flat heads designed to seat firmly in the bottom of the pocket holes.

Before commenting about glue please see the followup. When are pocket holes an appropriate joinery technique. The joint failed at 220 pounds with the pocket holes splitting apart.

So i expected the butt joint part of the joint to fail before the pocket hole screws reached their maximum force. If you are happy with the final product and you enjoy using pocket screws all the power to you. Now for my opinion.

Answered may 7 15 at 2034. A good pocket joint requires a tight pocket screw but not so tight you strip the hole out. You can see the above picture frame project tutorial here opens in a new window.

Share improve this answer. This dramatically improves overall joint strength and prevents the wood from splitting. Screw away my friend.

Posted 292016 in kreg tool tips. The secret to strong joints. Heres an example of how i clamped the pieces when making a mitered picture frame with pocket joinery.

But broadly speaking yes pocket screw joints are strong enough for most of the applications theyre used for especially when paired with glue of course since the glue joint then will provide some or most of the final strength. The reason i didnt expect glue to make much difference is that screw joints including pocket hole joints always yield a bit before reaching maximum strength whereas glue joints do not yield but pop open suddenly.

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Pocket Screw Joint
Pocket Screw Joint
Poorweak construction splitting wood wasted material etc.
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