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Polyurethane Cloudy After Sanding

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I recently sanded 34 of my floor in my house. 126 comments on solving polyurethane finishing problems.

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What causes a white haze after applying a polyurethane satin coat.

Polyurethane cloudy after sanding. Hi i made a small desk piece the polyurethane i used was minwax oil clear satin. Youll probably have to strip scrape or sand the polyurethane varnish and do it over. Thanks for your response.

I put 1 coat then lightly sanded with 240 and then put another. I put on 2 coats over stain. Sand the finish lightly with 220 grit sandpaper wipe off the sanding dust with a rag and spray a full wet coat.

Help white residue after sanding polyurethane selfwoodworking submitted 2 years ago by iampsychic. After sanding 36 40 120 and applying stain i ran into a small problem where some grains looked shinny almost wet but were dry to the touch. Well im on the finish step of a project ive been doing and im using waterlox original sealerfinish and a final coat of waterlox satin finish.

I used a foam brush and got some of the polyurethane on the base i wiped it up using the dry part of the brush. I waited for it to dry overnight and i saw there were bubbles so i tried sanding it with 240 to remove them however. The stain came out very nice after using a prestain step.

Reapply the finish per label directions stirring the product as you work. I rubbed the floor down with mineral spirits and applied the. By creating an account you agree to the hunker.

1 remove the cloudy finish on a. You may have mixed up the instructions for the stain with the poly. After the base was dry i needed to reapply the polyurethane to one of the attached pieces.

Emily pate emily pate holds a bachelor of arts in theater arts and government from new mexico state university. My floor is an old 1950s pine wood floor that was sealed with shellac. It says sand lightly with 220 after the first coat then nothing for subsequent coats.

However this has caused a cloudy milky stain. If the cloudiness isnt widespread and its caused by moisture a simple trick may help. How to fix a cloudy polyurethane finish.

I did two coats of waterlox did a light sanding with 320 then applied the satin finish. Taking on 1500 square feet was a task but the effort has been well worth it. I screwed this one up royally.

I noticed that when i did the sanding there was like a cloudy appearance. I thought the coat finish may get rid of it but it didnt. I am now applying the.

I had read that the reason was because the humidity was too high and moisture had gotten intoon either the furniture or the poly that i was applying. Remove milky watermarks from a cured. Sand until the polyurethane finish is removed.

Cloudy milky finish after refinishing some furniture i had the finish turn cloudy milky finish. Im getting too old for this. You are so right.

She has worked as a dance and substitute teacher administrative. Downstairs after sanding. Furniture wood and cabinetry finishing cloudy poly finish after sanding i am staining and finishing new luan doors.

I finished my desk with stain and polyurethane recently.

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