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Power Hand Planer Sled

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Insert shims without tape first. Flattening wide lumber on a 6 in.

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But if a board isnt warped too badly it can be salvaged with a planer and this sled.

Power hand planer sled. The board ends up with a flat face. Now run the sled and board through the planer to flatten the top. Arlington texas woodworker keith rust has developed an alternative method for surfacing lumber that makes use of his wide bench planer and a shopmade jig.

Remove the workpiece from the sled place the flattened face down and plane the opposite face. Once youve stabilized the board remove one shim at a time apply tape and return it to its location. The sled is sized to fit a 12 planer and will cradle a board up to 48 long.

Less physical effort using a plain router sled or a power hand plane. In this video rust demonstrates flattening one side of a wide board with the his planer sled. It takes off a wide strip at a time but without some type of jig the total planed surface will not be perfect.

Flattening and thicknessing a board if you dont have a jointerthicknesser or one big enough can be good exercise and fun with hand planes. The router planer gives very impressive results. Jointer can be difficult.

Our planing sled is an affordable solution for surfacing or milling live edge slabs wide stock butcher blocks or workbenches removing a finish from a surface and other jobs impossible for a planer. If i could figure it out i would try making a simillar sled for my electric hand planer. This sled supports the board so it doesnt flex under the pressure of the feed rollers.

Most hand power planers come with a fence attachment and that is typically wimpo but with the help of a machinists square and a piece of plywood can be easily set up to cut a precise 90 degree joint.

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