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Pre Cat Lacquer Vs Conversion Varnish

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Greg williams publish date. Conversion varnish is a post catalyzed coating with good spraying properties.

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A lacquer is a single component pre catalyzed nitro celluloid finish that has 12 18 solids by volume.

Pre cat lacquer vs conversion varnish. Lacquer is a general term used to describe clear coated over natural or stained wood. Pre cat lacquers fall into this time frame but post cats typical pot lives are much shorter. With conversion varnish its as short as eight hours and as long as 48 depending on the manufacturer.

You will never want to go back to a pre cat. Pre catalyzed lacquer is much more user friendly than conversion varnish because conversion varnish must be catalyzed by the user prior to use measuring in catalyst in precise quantities and sometimes letting the stirred and catalyzed mix dwell sit for minutes while the catalyzed coating starts the reaction. Polyurethane coating for furniture.

Polyurethane coatings for furniture pre catalyzed lacquers have been a great invention they look great and are harder and tougher than regular lacquers but they have some draw backs and arent always the solution to your finishing needs. In this video we will be explaining the difference between a traditional lacquer and a conversion varnish. Em8000cv waterborne pre cat varnish provides the rich color tones and durability associated with solvent based coatings in a water reducible ultra low voc haps free coatings.

When i was first introduced to nitrocellulose lacquer and spray finishing lacquer was commonly defined as an evaporative coating that did not significantly. If you do not add the proper amount of catalyst to the coating. Yes adding catalyst is a very important step in the mixing process and it is very important to follow the percentages recommended by the manufacturer.

To the untrained eye both finishes look identical. Enduro pre cat lacquer. Break your work into sections such as dresser top or drawer fronts.

Pre cat lacquers become the new standard. It has a higher volume solids ratio of 30 to 45 thereby providing better coverage build and fill and creating a better chemical barrier against wear and tear that stands the test of time. How difficult are conversion varnishes to use.

Em8000 pre catalyzed conversion varnish represents state of the art formulating by utilizes our exclusive hybrid emulsion technologies that incorporate oil modified resins and acrylic copolymers in a one part package. Contact your supplier to verify proper tip sizes for your specific equipment. Spraying too large of an area can result in a textured grainy surface.

The pot life after catalyzation of a post cat lacquer typically does not extend past 30 days. Air caps should be medium size. Postcatalyzed conversion varnish is often higher in cost per gallon when compared to pre catalyzed lacquer.

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