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Pre Catalyzed Lacquer Over Shellac

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Its also a great sealer for any topcoat whether being used for spot repairs or an entire finish. Pre cat lacquers become the new standard.

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Pre cat lacquer vinyl sealer over shellac turned ugly.

Pre catalyzed lacquer over shellac. Barrier coat between polyurethane and lacquer de waxed shellac should work well to protect an existing waterborne poly from a new coat of pre catalyzed lacquer. Vinyl sealer lays a perfect foundation for stringed instrument lacquer. Coating over an existing finish.

Look into general finish enduro. May 7 2007. Apply a barrier coat of shellac between the existing surface and the coating containing lacquer thinner.

May 7 2007. Once the stain is on i go to what ever sanding sealer is recommended by the top coat manufacture. Ive sprayed lacquer over shellac.

Nitrocellulose lacquer is the simplest to spray. Shellac is thinned with alcohol which rarely causes blistering or. There is a fairly significant difference between catalyzed usually referred to as post catalyzed lacquer and pre cat.

A catalyzed lacquer is a coating that dries by evaporation acting very much like a straight lacquer defined above with no chemical curing or crosslinking and then cures by the reaction initiated by the catalyst. Pre catalyzed lacquers are now. Greg williams publish date.

Which was sprayed over shellac sealer. My final thoughts on pre catalyzed lacquer is a great product for painting furniture. Painting furniture with pre catalyzed lacquer.

Pre cat over shellac. May 15 2012. Lacquer thinner remains the vehicle for pre cat but the resins vary from.

In his case the failure was strictly in the lacquer and the. Which is included in nitrocellulose lacquer cab acrylic lacquer and catalyzed lacquer. Clear pre catalyzed varnish over tinted shellac is an interesting treatment.

Lacquer usually isnt used as a self sealing finish for one thing. I use seal coat which is a dewaxed 12 pound cut shellac but only as a pre stain product when i feel it is needed. At least according to awi.

However i do not use white or off white lacquer over the bin instead using the bin as the color coat and the lacquer as the clear coat. When used in conjunction with pre catalyzed lacquer aerosols the combination creates. For sealing you can use either self sealing pre catalyzed lacquer lacquer sealer vinyl sealer or shellac sealer amazon links provided when using shellac sealer its important that the shellac dries for 24 hours before applying any lacquer over it.

It retains the best qualities of traditional lacquer but provides a harder surface that better resists abrasion thanks to a catalyst think of two part epoxy that initiates a chemical reaction as the finish dries. Moisture resistant vinyl lacquer sealer with good atomization. I have a cow hide draped over my headboard and it has not left any marks or affected the sheen at all.

A risky business that sometimes works. Apr 14 2013. De waxed shellac should work well to protect an existing waterborne poly from a new coat of pre catalyzed lacquer.

If you love lacquer but wish it was more durable take a look at pre catalyzed pre cat lacquer. Most recently i have painted a small table and am working on a 3 drawer campaign chest. I spray pre cat lacquer over bin all the time for white finishes.

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Pre Catalyzed Lacquer
Pre Catalyzed Lacquer
Painting furniture with pre catalyzed lacquer. Sher
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