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Purple Heart Toxicity

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Also known as purple queen purple heart setcreasea pallida is a striking plant with fuzzy purple lance shaped leaves that reach lengths of 7 inches. I read some where long ago that purple heart is toxic.

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Upon exposure the wood becomes a deeper eggplant purple.

Purple heart toxicity. You might want to see the vet for that reason instead. Are one of the most commonly called about plants for poison control centers and are generally regarded as nontoxic for all species. That it should be used covered with a varnish or such to contain its toxicity.

Tradescantia are herbaceous perennials and include both climbing and trailing species reaching 3060 centimetres 098197 ft in height. Bright purple flowers appear at the end of the stems in summer and autumn. The flowers can be white pink or purple but are most commonly bright blue.

Looking at the above quotation taken from a writing nearly two thousand years old ought to bringat the very leasta small bit of respect and attention to the matter of safety as it pertains to wood toxicity. It is non toxic and has been used as cattle and poultry feed. Ingestion of certain flowers fruits and plants can cause toxicity in pets with symptoms ranging from vomiting diarrhoea acute renal or cardiac failure and even intestinal obstructions.

With further age and exposure to uv light the wood becomes a dark brown with a hint of purple. Discussion from the chowhound not about food food community. Exposure to the dust generated by cutting and sanding purpleheart can cause irritation and nausea possibly due to the presence of dalbergione neoflavonoid compounds in the wood.

The leaves are long thin and blade like to lanceolate from 345 cm long 12177 in. I was casually looking around online for info about the wood after i bought it and stumbled upon this. Read the is purple heart wood poisonous.

For more information see the article preventing color changes in exotic woods. The stems grow straight up and then lean over creating a cascading effect. I bought 65 bf of purple heart to use to make a jewelry box for my wife.

However dogs will eat grass when their stomachs are not feeling well so it is possible that there is some other problem and it ate the plant to help. The fact that many use this wood for chopping boards is not a sign that they did research. Tradescantia pallida purple heart purple queen a small percentage of people will develop skin irritation from handling them but this is of minimal consequence.

This color shift can be slowed and minimized by using a uv inhibiting finish on the wood. Join the discussion today.

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