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Quarter Sawn Maple Neck Vs Flat Sawn

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Is it essential to build your custom guitar neck. The quarter sawn method is a little bit more costly.

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So i think flat sawn is good enough and provides strength against sideways bowing of the neck.

Quarter sawn maple neck vs flat sawn. Quarter sawn has the growth rings of the tree approximately perpendicular to the boards surface. However its also more dimensionally stable than the flat sawn boards. Quarter sawn necks are also felt to be brighter and more responsive than a flat sawn neck.

Honestly this is one of those arguements like nitro vs poly that goes on forever. Quartersawn lumber for guitars. I would generally agree with this observation although its hard to make direct comparisons without actually changing necks on the same guitar.

Lp necks traditionally get quarter sawn but they have stability issues near the headstock that fenders do not have. Plain sawn wood highlights the grain loops and growth swirls of the wood. This is due both to the increased stiffness of the neck and the higher density of the wood.

Is quarter sawn wood essential for guitar neck building. Just as the name suggests quarter sawn lumber is cut into four quarters and then cut using the plain sawn method. This is the most inexpensive way to manufacture logs into lumber.

I dont find flat sawn timber warps any more than quarter sawn as it is more to do with run out of the grain and just bad selection processes by mass production in factories. Plain sawn flat sawn most common least expensive plain sawn also commonly called flat sawn is the most common lumber you will find. In this episode ben answers a question from a viewer on quarter sawn wood.

Plain sawn or flat sawn lumber has the growth rings of the tree parallel to the boards broad face. Quarter sawn lumber is defined as wood where the annular growth rings intersect the face of the board at a 60 to 90 degree angle. What my point is though is this a myth or fact that flat sawn is less stiff than quarter sawn as my test seems to show that flatsawn maple deflects less under the same.

I like the look of flat sawn on fender type necks.

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Quarter Sawn Maple Neck
Quarter Sawn Maple Neck
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Quarter Sawn Maple
Quarter Sawn Maple
I prefer flat sawn because its more
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