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Red Oak Vs White Oak Furniture

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First lets go over the appearance of red and white oak as this is going to be a determining factor in the purchase of new furniture for most people. Red oak should only be used for interior pieces such as cabinets indoor furniture etc.

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Within each of these groups are about 20 species that are commercially used for lumber.

Red oak vs white oak furniture. White oak tends to be more dense while red oak is a bit lighter and has a more porous and open grain. Oak flooring is the most popular choice in the us but how many of us know the difference between red and white oak. Red oaks with pointed ends have sweet acorns red oak.

Choosing between red oak and white oak furnituremakers consider the choice between red oak and white oak for a display cabinet. While some people prefer the red oak look others go for the white oak look. As you can expect red oak has a darker reddish brown tint to it thats not found in white oak.

Summary of white oak vs red oak. Both the white and red oaks are great options for flooring and interior needs. Learn the pros and cons of white oak vs red oak with the home flooring pros.

White oak is much more resistant to rot and is suitable for water holding applications boatbuilding outdoor furniture etc. Question i am ready to start a small display cabinet made from oak. If you are searching for white oak vs.

Furniture making forum from contributor v. We divide the many species of oak genus name is quercus into two basic groups. There is a group of oak species about 20 commercial species called white oak trees in the white oak group have rounded leaves vs.

I am uncertain about white oak vs. Red oak and white oak. White oak vs red oak.

The decisions are entirely dependent on the users preferences. By jim hill june 1 2017. Red oak while trying to find out the difference between each type this post should helpthis post will examine some of the differences in the properties of these oak species and the common uses of both oak types.

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Red Oak Furniture
Red Oak Furniture
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