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Rockwell Turbo Encabulator

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The turboencabulator or turbo encabulator and its later incarnations the retroencabulator or retro encabulator and micro encabulator is a fictional machine whose alleged existence became an in joke and subject of professional humor among engineersthe explanation of the supposed product makes extensive use of technobabble. The gag was popular for many years.

Someone Posted The Rockwell Turbo Encabulator Again To R Videos

Rockwell Turbo Encabulator Version 2 Video Dailymotion

Rockwell S Turbo Encabulator Turboencabulator

Doing a little more research dug up the term turbo encabulator which has to be the source of the rockwell video take off.

Rockwell turbo encabulator. Apparently this spoof goes way way back. Eric smith has a copy of a general electric turboencabulator data sheet from the 1960s. Seems there was one done at ford motor company as well.

Other spellings include retro encabulator or retro incabulator.

Micro Retro Turbo Encabulator Source On Vimeo

Rockwell Retro Encabulator Youtube

The Amazing Capabilities Of The Turbo Encabulator The Short Sleeve

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Rockwell Turbo Encabulator Version 2
Rockwell Turbo Encabulator Version 2
The gag was popular for many years.
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