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Router Sled For Slabs

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For the big ol slabs for the last few months ive been dabbling into the world of live edge lumber. You know those slabs of wood that make beautiful benches table tops or even anniversary laptop trays for your wife.

Plane Your Wood Slabs With A Planing Sled That You Build 13 Steps

Live Edge Table Part 1 How To Flatten A Slab With A Router

Live Edge Table Part 1 How To Flatten A Slab With A Router

In this video we are going to make a very easy and quick router flattening sled that can be used for live edge slabs as well as large glued up panels that will not fit through the planer.

Router sled for slabs. If the base is too thick the router bit might not be long enough. Diy router sled tutorial. I take dust collection pretty seriously.

If the bottom of your wood slabs do not lay flat in your sled base you can use shims and wedges so that they dont rock. Slab leveling router sled. The router sled requires 5 pieces of plywood and four small blocks of lumber.

My setup was a quick and dirty one trying to make slabs for my wifes christmas present creations. It was a bit of a challenge getting the 2 bridge boards in the sled flat enough for my liking but with some sandingplaning and adding stiffeners they turned out fairly well. If you will be doing slabs with the grain and can surface the long way i would make a router base that can lock in place then you just can push the whole sled down the track.

Flattening large wood slabs with a router build the router sled. Slab leveling router jig planing sled. I recalled reading a fine woodworking article where nick offerman made a jig and i decided to do something similar.

Not fanatically but. Second since i used 12 inch floor joists the table was a bit low for the thinner slabs so the 4x4s brought up the top surface of the slabs closer to the router. Infinity cutting tools how to flatten a live edge slab with a router more info.

This is what it looks like after i place the slabs of wood into the sled base. There are a ton of these things floating around the internet so i. In the past i was doing all of the leveling of the slabs with hand planes which was a lot of heavy work sometimes taking days to do just one slab now the process is able to be reduced to no more than an hour or so per slab.

Ive got a ton of oak slabs from a tree i milled and i need a good jig to flatten them. Here is the router sled i slapped together. The thicker all of the bases are the further you have to.

This section is a closeup of the board with cleaned up and untouched areas. Keep the router base and sled base thin so the shank of the huge router bit does not get too much stress. Here is the complete slab i was finishing.

The final step is adjust the router bits dept so that i barely touches the highest point of the slab. Its messy and noisy work but ill take that over having to spend endless hours working with hand planes.

Plane Your Wood Slabs With A Planing Sled That You Build 13 Steps

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Router Sled
Router Sled
With its smooth sliding phenolic base and
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