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Sanding Epoxy Resin Smooth

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The same methods i will address in this how to apply to all cast resin polishing and can be used to polish virtually any type of resin be it polyester or epoxy based. Getting a smooth finish the advantage to using a layer of fabric is that when impregnated it automatically generates the correct epoxy film thickness.

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Ive been sanding down a lot of raw edges lately and im going to show you how to get the best results.

Sanding epoxy resin smooth. Note at this point the top was perfectly smooth but the finish was still. Epoxy resin mouldings and castings. The boat is red with yellow trim.

However to get the finish i desire i need to sand the deck area to get rid of the unsmooth imperfections in the epoxy coat so i. Wet sanding with waterproof sandpaper is often the best approach to sanding cured epoxy. Applied about 6 coats of west system 105 resin with 207 clear coat hardener using a dense foam roller.

Remove release agent with solvent. 264 part 2 of 7 prepping sanding. The deck and seats are natural epoxied with a varnish coat.

I just purchased a shell boat swifty 11. How to sand resin smooth. A few videos ago i entombed woody from toy story in epoxy resin just for the hell of it.

Sandblast sand 100 grit or etch in 15 aqueous hydrochloric acid equal parts concentrated muriatic acid and water for 10 minutes. Get a smooth surface on resin art and jewelry. Wet sanding removes amine blush while you sand reduces clogging of the sandpaper and reduces dust and exposure to partially cured epoxy.

I want the deck and seats to remain natural. Posted march 7 2019 by katherine swift. Sure youll need to practice a bit but these days i am more than happy with my gorgeous smooth edges.

The epoxy was never sanded smooth. Ferrous alloys other than stainless. The method first starts with some good old fashioned detail sanding working up through the grits from very rough to a very fine wet sanding.

But a resin piece is only as good as it can be if your raw side is finished well. Abrade surface emery cloth. No need for several coats of resin no sand thru on edges or thin film regions.

I am repainting the boat blue with a white trim. However as mentioned above the. Sandingbuffingpolishing epoxy clear coat top.

Sandingbuffingpolishing epoxy clear coat top showing 1 13 of 13 messages. This video shows what happens when you sand an epoxy resin 11 finish with 1000 grit sand paper and you will see me beat it up a little which hopefully helps you in your adventure. Sanding epoxy resin entombed woody into a smooth operator.

Sometimes when you are making resin jewelry or painting with resin you may find you have an uneven surface scratches or gaps in your resin surface otherwise known as fish eyes. It lets your sandpaper go farther and provides a visual clue that everything is properly sanded.

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Sanding Epoxy Resin
Sanding Epoxy Resin
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