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Sanding Pine Floors

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A relatively new type of floor sander with four separate sanding heads. Buffer sanders work in a circular motion it is the same machine that is often used to polish and clean industrial and commercial floors.

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You want to make sure that you can handle the floor sander so that you can sand lightly and evenly keeping the beauty of the floors intact.

Sanding pine floors. Floors might not be the best place to learn. The initial step and the most critical in refinishing any floor is sanding. It will probably sand faster than a hardwood floor.

In my extensive renovation of the 1926 kuppersmith project home we retained the original heart pine floors in the house and had additional heart pine flooring resawn and milled from salvaged beams. Sand with the utmost care. Toh tv project used this kind of machine on his old pine plank.

I rented a 3 pad orbital sander machine from menards to do an oak floor. Before the final sanding with the big sander edge with a 50 or 60 grit paper feathering into the field about 12 to 14 inches. A pine floor would be much softer so youd have to be careful not to gouge anywhere id think.

Its not as aggressive as a drum sander and so takes longer to get the job done but that makes it more forgiving of inexperienced operators particularly when a floor is uneven. Softwood flooring which includes varieties such as cedar cypress fir hemlock pine and spruce offers a cheaper and more eco friendly alternative to hardwood floors. In some cases this.

It worked great and was not hard to control like the older belt types. One of the most important things to remember when sanding a pine floor is to keep the sander moving. This is very much a process in and of itself as opposed to a step or task in a process.

They have a very sensitive balance and will take off across the floor if you dont yet have the magic touch. Once all the flooring had been laid a walk behind drum floor sander was used to sand down both the. If youve used one in any other application you could give it a try but sanding.

Since the pine is a softer wood the edger may leave wheel marks in the floor. Dont go as heavy a grit as you would a hardwood floor. This may be the most stressful part of refinishing pine flooring but if it is done right it can make your floors beautiful.

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Sanding Pine
Sanding Pine
Sanding pine wooden floor with a belt
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