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Sandpaper Sharpening Knives

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I this instructable you will learn how to sharpen a knife with sandpaper and a strop. Getting a knife razor sharp with sand paper.

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I use 600 grit to get the edge shape.

Sandpaper sharpening knives. Ive used sandpaper to sharpen my knives for years now. Another way to sharpen a knife with sandpaper is to keep the knife at about a 22 degree angle and stroke it across the sandpaper making sure that the tip also gets sharpened. This method can be used very quickly in the kitchen.

I used a stone i bought at home depot. How to sharpen kitchen knives with sandpaper. Sackorange 34 x 12 inch knife sharpener sanding belts24 pack work sharp knife tool sharpener with silicon carbide aluminum oxide each 4 pcs of p120 p240 p400 p600 p1000 p1200 grits 075x12in.

It is really easy and simple so even guys can do it. I also have some edelstahl knives i want to sharpen. Thats a good selection of sandpapers for this purpose.

Remember a sharp knife is a safer knife. At first i fastened the sandpaper to flat surfaces but now i just put the sand paper on the edge of a flat table. However if you pick the right sandpaper it takes care of the job of discarding the edge wear and.

1200 to smooth it more. Another very important advantage of this setup is its forgiveness with the consistency of the edge angle. I have a knife i tried to sharpen.

I dont have a lot of experience so i probably need practice. To get an approximate 22 degree angle put the knife edge against the sandpaper at a 90 degree angle then a 45 degree angle then half that. I dont know if it made it any sharper but seemed to polish it.

A sheet of sandpaper and a flat hard surface are all you need to sharpen any knife. 1000 and then 2500 grit. I then used wetdry sandpaper.

The consistent angle between the knife and the sharpening surface. For the beginners with free hand sharpening the major obstacle is the consistency ie. Sharpening a knife may seem like a simple task but it requires care and knowing how to sharpen correctly.

Kitchen knives get dull very quickly from cutting on ceramic plates jostling in the dishwasher and everyday use. A knife with no edge takes some work. It seemed to set the bevel ok.

Materials required a knife sandpaper 800 1000 1200 1500 2000 2500 water leather strop stropping compound piece of glass i used one out a picture frame th. Sharpening knives using sandpaper and mousepad. Using sandpaper to sharpen knives is the best option since using tools such as a file or a grinder may damage the blade or reduce its size.

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Sandpaper Sharpening
Sandpaper Sharpening
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