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Sawstop Blade Change

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Since the guard floats above the table it can be used for both traditional through cuts as well as joinery cuts like rabbets dados and grooves. This heavy duty overarm blade guard from sawstop is designed to protect the operators hands while also removing above table dust.

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When skin contacts the blade the signal changes because the human body is conductive.

Sawstop blade change. The current through the blade is continuously monitored. Looking for sawstop 10 cabinet table saw 130 amps blade tilt. Sawstop table saws offer a built in safety mechanism designed to minimize blade related table saw injuries from accidental saw blade contact.

Made from high quality ultra strong phenolic core material covered on top and bottom with low friction wear resistant melamine surface. Sawstop table saws come equipped with a safety system that detects the contact of human skin on the saw blade. The blade carries a small electrical signal which the safety system continually monitors.

When someone accidentally contacts the running blade the safety system stops the saw blade in milliseconds resulting in most cases to only a nick. Graingers got your back. Looking for sawstop 10 contractor table saw 140 amps blade tilt.

Sawstop saws detect contact with skin. Log in or register for your pricing. The pcs integrated mobile base is not compatible with the in line router table rt tgp or the floating dust collection guard tsg fdc.

10 professional cabinet saw. Left 58 arbor size 4000 no load rpm 46ac42. The sawstop zero clearance lock down insert can be used on all sawstop table saws using 8 dado blades.

View and download sawstop pcs31230 owners manual online. Easy ordering convenient delivery. Left 58 arbor size 4000 no load rpm 46ac62.

Sawstops saws apply a small amount of electric voltage to the blade of the saw. Graingers got your back. Easy ordering convenient delivery.

Log in or register for your pricing. If the saw detects a change in this current as would occur if a hand or other body part came into contact with the blade an automatic braking system is activated forcing an aluminum brake block into the blade. Pcs175 owners who choose the overarm dust collection will still need to purchase the dust collection blade guard tsg dc.

Pcs31230 saw pdf manual download.

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Sawstop Blade
Sawstop Blade
Left 58 arbor size 4000 no load
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