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Setting Up A Smoothing Plane

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9 long 2 516 wide. So it always nice to put these jobs behind me.

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Sole is 10 long 2 78 wide and flat with square sides.

Setting up a smoothing plane. Our low angle jack plane is ideal for shooting miters working end grain and initial smoothing. 4 12 smoothing plane from veritas tools. Narrower blade is 1 34 wide.

Japanese woodworking toolsclick on the images to see a magnified view. Extra large side wings make for stable shooting. 4 smoother takes the thinnest of shavings for an exceptionally fine finish.

They require some tuning before you can start planing. Detailed instructions how to tune up a japanese plane you find in toshio odates book. 4 12 smoother takes the thinnest of shavings for an exceptionally fine finish.

Interview with plane maker john economaki john economaki is widely known amongst fine tool aficionados for his wonderfully crafted woodworking tools made from brass steel and exotic rosewoods which he first started to produce as a one man enterprise way back in 1983since then the business has grown from strength to strength and both collectors and users have coveted the squares. Japanese planes are not ready for use. When compared to the smaller no.

A sharp smoothing plane meticulously shaves the surface of a board creating a glass smooth sheen that highlights the woods figure while leaving a dead flat surface in its wake. The plastic is very useful for setting up. The rabbet plane also known as a rebate or openside plane which cuts rabbets rebates ie.

Small bevel up smooth plane from veritas tools. 4 this plane has a heftier feel ideal for challenging grain. I wish this stainless stuff would cut as easy as the plastic.

Machined and surface ground ductile cast iron body has 120 bed angle and movable toe fully enclosed by body casting. The smoothing plane is one of my best friends in the shop and i reach for it frequently. Used skillfully it can be the final step before finishing and it also makes a good general purpose plane or first plane for your collection.

The shoulder plane is characterized by a cutter that is flush with the edges of the plane allowing trimming right up to the edge of a workpieceit is commonly used to clean up dadoes housings and tenons for joinery. We have designated it as a 62 12 because of its generous size and weight low center of gravity and radically set back mouth. This is quite a heavy cut for my machine and she it is getting quite old.

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