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Shapeoko 3 Xxl Assembly

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Shapeoko is in stock and usually ship within 1 business day. This is a great cnc machine for furniture sized projects.

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Using your cnc is no longer a dirty job.

Shapeoko 3 xxl assembly. Shapeoko xxl by carbide 3d. The polycarb shoe has a recessed feature allowing for full depth cuts. The xl is double the cutting area of the shapeoko 3 and the xxl has four times the cutting area for your biggest projects.

Lets talk about 3d printing flexible filaments. The improved suckit dust boot for your shapeoko now comes with arms and shoe made from polycarb which is virtually indestructible. The suckit for your shapeoko comes complete with 2 12 vacuum hose adapter rails mounts arms polycarb shoe brush 2 12 vacuum hose adapter.

Its got a 33x x 33y x 3z cutting area and its fully compatible with fusions cam tools. We will take a look at what makes flexible filaments easier to print than it might seem and how you can add flexible filament to your 3d printing material toolbox. Space is expensive space saving is not.

A big robust cnc router for your workshop this is the shapeoko youve been waiting for. Aluminum frame all hardware. Everyone wants to print with it but to a novice it might seem daunting.

Ingenious dust boot for your x carve or shapeoko 3. The cnc machine is screwed to the underside of the table top wh. With this table in my garage i have a 30 square foot work table and on the under side a 33 x 33 shapoko xxl cnc machine when i need it.

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Shapeoko 3 Xxl
Shapeoko 3 Xxl
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