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Simonds Files Any Good

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Steel type for two files i have sign in to follow this. I have used simonds red tang for as long as i can recall.

Simonds Metal Cutting Bandsaws And Hand Files

Old Files 1 Gambles Artisan 2 Simonds Mill Bast Nicholson Etsy

Large New Old Stock Box Of Ten Simonds Saw Files 85397m Jim Bode

2 heat treat like 1095.

Simonds files any good. Simonds industrial saws knives and the equipment to maintain them about us. Eax simonds information portal. European files are really nice from my experience.

Still have it 25 years later though it is about due for a resharpening. I have about a half box left might be time to buy another box or two. Simonds facts on files booklet metal.

Does anyone do that anymore. I think i have one file from india but no chinese. Junk files will make a hot file sometimes.

1 case hardened not much good for edged tools. I keep them clean and they stay sharp. I have the msds for the new simonds files and the carbon content is 38 so the new ones are case hardened and not worthy.

The longest lasting best cutting file ive ever owned was a 10 simonds mill bastard. I dont use them enough to justify spending a lot on grobet or pferd stuff not new anyway but i havent been real impressed with the current nicholson or simonds files either. I have not purchased any files for over fifteen years.

Find us on facebook. Steel type for two files i have. Information on fitchburg ma.

Btw i hit simonds website and sent them an e mail to see if they resharpen and to ask if they still make the files here in the us. At any rate i like using files for all sorts of projects and its nice to have a reasonably priced option that actually works well. Good files are priceless and junk files are worthless for a very large part.

The problem is there are no good files any more in the us that i know of. I had the privilege of making a new broach saw today and went through two nicholson sli. They are good files and when you see the price it will be clear why cheap files dominate the market.

Simonds saw locations. Like thomas sez a junk box with a few files is nice to find. I have always bought what i considered to be good files.

Simonds metal cutting bandsaws and hand files about us. I had to think how i wanted to word this and that is why i chose great files.

Simonds 4 Handled Needle File Equalling No 2 Box Of 3 Files 84

A Pair Of Simonds Red Tang Automotive Files Etsy

14 Multi Kut Flat Box Of 6 Simonds Saw

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Simonds Files
Simonds Files
Simonds metal cutting bandsaws and hand files.
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