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Soaking Wood In Water To Bend

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Ideal mcs for severe bends are in the 20 mc range while for gentle bends as low as 15 mc can be used. When a piece of wood is bent it is stretched or in tension along the outer convex side of the bend and compressed along the inner concave side.

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Apply towels or rags saturated with warm water to the crease line and the parts of the plywood that will be under stress.

Soaking wood in water to bend. You could take a long piece of pvc pipe close off one end and fill it with hot water to soak wood and get some bend out of it. For a thin solid piece you can soak it and then run it across something hot flatiron stovepipe while exerting gentle force. At the same time steam also increases the mc somewhat.

View page in timesmachine. Depending on how industrious you are soaking the wood in the ammonia and water then heating the inside bend of the wood makes for slightly more contraction sort of. If possible apply the rags on both sides of the sheet.

If you really want to bend thick pieces of wood that is usually done by steaming it first. The stiffer the wood the longer it takes. For a curve with a 4 to 8 inch 1020 cm radius plane to 18 32 mm.

Saw kerfing or grooving the back of the wood so it will bend easily without danger of splitting or crackingsteaming or soaking lumber can be accomplished in several ways. For an 8 to 12 inch 2030 cm radius plane to 316 48 mm. Its a nice way to get a really good fitting curve.

How to bend wood. Nuther one of those judgment thingys. Step 2 soak the plywood.

In bending thick pieces of solid wood however softening with steam or hot water or plasticizing with chemicals is essential. The wood needs to be well soaked and the metal not so hot that it scorches. Of course different wood bends differently oak probably being one of the best for bending and retaining its strength.

Plane it into strips according to how far you plan to bend it. One method is to rig up a trough of some kind using a length of rain gutter for instance. Steam carries the heat but soaking in hot water would get the wood too wet so that hydraulic forces would develop when bending.

Bending oak without steam. First select the particular type of wood that you would like to bend using water be it soft or hard wood. For a curve with a 2 to 4 inch radius 510 cm plane the wood into 332 24 mm strips.

If you soak it long enough for it to really swell up thats too long. It could take several days for the plywood to become soft enough to bend. But you should understand that the thickness of the wood plays a great role in the bending process and so you need to determine it for best results carefully.

During this time be sure to re soak the towels with warm water. Place the wood in this and fill with boiling water.

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