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Spanish Cedar Vs Western Red Cedar

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Although it is one of the lightest in weight of all commercially important softwood species. If you want a sub for spanish cedar you can use about any central american or african mahogany.

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And the last only has hardwoods.

Spanish cedar vs western red cedar. Genuine mahogany comes closest to spanish cedar. A premium slow growth timber and the most abundant cedar tree available in western canada western red cedar primarily grows in british columbia and is our preferred choice for many of the custom log home and timber frame structures. Less aromatic than american red cedar same moisture properties just grown in slightly different climates.

The term spanish cedar refers to a group of 6 or more species in the cedrelo genus that are distributed from southern mexico to northern argentina. Spanish cedar read 3342 times theycallmevolume. Another says they have spanish.

Spanish cedar heartwood has a pinkish to reddish brown tone that darkens over time. Western red cedar thuja plicata reigns supreme for the production of decking siding shingles and outdoor structures because of its natural decay resistance ability to repel water and abundance. If you buy lime from america you get the fruit wood lime purchased from the.

Spanish cedar i do know that western red cedar is pricey and is very red ive got a customer that would prefer white cedar adk chairs but im looking at my price lists of local lumber yards and one says they have aromatic and spanish. Not to be confused with the citrus tree. Inland red cedar is the same botanical species as western red cedar but hails from the interior slopes of the rocky mountains in idaho montana and into eastern bc.

Most of the native species we call cedar are in the cypress family. While still technically the same genus and couple of species cedrela odorata fissilis huberi the quality and properties are not. The heart wood varies from white to pink the texture is usually coarse and uneven and has a non interlocking grain.

None of them are closely related to each other in any way. In my spanish cedar regulation article the case was made that the spanish cedar market has permanently changed and lower availability is the new normal. Theyre the same family.

Due to its superior qualities coastal western red cedar is the only type of cedar sold by some distributors including boston cedar. Cedro rosa or mahogany cedar but it is not related to western red cedar basswood is the north american name for tilia lime is its european name. That about covers it.

Spanish cedar is still trickling out of south america but it is also now being grown on plantations in africa. Neither spanish cedar eastern cedar nor western red cedar are cedars. Particularly when storing cigars for longer periods the cigars will adopt a strong woody flavor that is.

There are no true cedar species that are native to north america. Spanish cedar is one of the few tropical trees that is ring porous. Sorting out the cedars.

American red cedar is inferior to spanish cedar in humidity absorption and it exudes a more intense aroma. Some humidor manufacturers use american cedar because it is less expensive and with this wood there is no danger of resin formation. None say western red cedar though i know.

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