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Spindle Gouge Profile

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And sweep the handle back and forth in the same manner as the bowl gouge. The fingernail grind is a popular edge with woodturners because it is easy to use and control and extremely versatile.

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For beginning turners we recommend the robert sorby fingernail profile gouges.

Spindle gouge profile. Today there are many different types and quality of woodturning tools. The turning gouge is the single most important turning tool and is the tool that every amateur should start out with. Creating a detail gouge profile i have several spindle gouges and ive been wondering how to create a detail gouge profile on a couple of these.

Robert sorby spindle gouges. My bowl gouge cannot touch a cutting edge to where the two bowls meet. I certainly like the 34 low profile spindle gouge.

So i have been trying to work it out without butchering my spindle gouge and decided i would ask here for pointers and help rather than turning my gouge into the same gouge just several inches shorter. The 2 thoughts i had were. Cutting and sharpening by sam angelo duration.

This 38 spindle gouge features a medium grind with wing tips that have been ground back so the tool does not catch on the work piece. Spindle tools for woodturning. These tools offer the most control and are the least likely to catch and tear up your work.

Carter and son 12 low profile spindle gouge 5500 add to cart. Carter and son 12 spindle gouge 5500 add to cart. The shallow flute of a spindle gouge creates a different shape of the cutting edge than that of a bowl gouge and the bevels are generally ground at a steeper angle making the cutting ac tion more aggressive.

Also it would be nice if you could create an 1 14 or 1 38 low profile gouge. Spindle gouge profile a spindle gouge cleanly cuts coves. Unsubscribe from rich mcnatt.

I purchased the spindle gouge blank from amazon httpsamznto2pbdnjk. Carter and son 38 detail spindle gouge 5000 add to cart. Carter and son 38 spindle gouge 5000 add to cart.

Bowl gouge profile rich mcnatt. Making a sorby 12 spindle gouge. I use a deep fluted gouge parabolic gouge with the ellsworth grind.

1 use a jig like the one for my bowl gouges. Also it is shorter the the 58 gouge which is a problem when trying to sharpen with the old tormek gouge sharpening tool. If i put a couple of hemispherical bowls rim down on a table with the rims touching they will look like beads in profile.

Im not sure if it is recommended to create a. Severe catches can result. I can put my spindle gouge point right where they touch without moving the bowls.

But it would be nicer if shanked at 34. I just made this spindle gouge from a sorby 12 spindle gouge steel only and turned a handle from an oak branch i had laying around.

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